Andrea's Antics: There's gold in those arm pits!

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    Naples News: Andrea's Antics: There's gold in those arm pits!

    After my last intimate pat down by a TSA agent (we used to call it "petting"), you'd think I'd just drive instead of fly. But, as Albert Einstein said, insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Although, this time, I did try a different tactic, arriving at the Fort Myers airport dressed like an Amish wife in basic drab, determined not to stand out in my usual bright pink shoes and dandling silver alligator earrings.

    But, as per the old movie and book titled "Once is Not Enough," it happened again. I went through the security machine where you have to put your arms above your head and act like you're under arrest, and the TSA agent pulled me over for another hot date. (We also used to call it "getting to third base.")

    This time, I was brave and said, "I'm not even wearing an underwire bra, why did I get pulled out of line?" Although the agent was thinking, "With your boobs, lady, you should be wearing underwire!" she said, "You are glowing," and pointed to the security monitor. I looked over – and I am NOT kidding you – on the screen was a picture of me with a yellow glow under each armpit! I did shower that morning so maybe I was emitting gold from my pores. Alright! I am sweating gold! Forget the lottery, let's mine my pits for cash!


    After the TSA agent visited my body parts that only my gynecologist and my husband have been, I toddled off to the gate and boarded the plane.

    What good is ATR ("automated target recoginition") when the perverts still grope everything? And the punch line, after a few less than pleasant moments on the plane:

    That was when I gave up. I said to my husband, "Let's start looking for an RV. I heard that's a fun way to travel."

    Slowly but surely TSA's antics combined with other unpleasantness of airline travel today are driving off their customer base.
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    As I sit reading the above post on a train.....
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