Another 4th ammendment abuse: Warrentless searches of Email and other electronic documents

Discussion in 'Civil Rights & Privacy' started by myadvice, Oct 10, 2011.

  1. myadvice

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    Article about a search of WikiLeaks volunteer Jacob Appelbaum's email accounts without a warrant:

    Link to original article in WSJ:

  2. nachtnebel

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    If he's the guy I think he is, I believe he encrypts everything and knows the limitations of encryption. My guess is they'll have to bust their butts to decrypt and then they won't find anything useful. Probably just sending a message to whoever is paying attention.

    they've got their special order from the Star Chamber. So it's legal. By default, except in some circuits, any email you have older than 18 months can be searched through without even a special order.
  3. Mike

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    My recollection is that they're after IP addresses and email addresses -- those aren't encrypted.

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