Another convert! Highly intrusive groping at Norfolk VA airport [ORF]

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Doober, Dec 2, 2012.

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    If anyone can figure out how to become a "member" of and comment, please do so. (I can login but can't comment for some reason.) "Dollar Bill" needs to have the facts of life explained to him.
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    Either the TSA is scum for not publishing these rules for people so they can be forwarned and avoid wearing such clothing or the local TSA at that airport is scum for making up unauthorized procedures.

    The motivation for avoiding publicizing such skirt procedures can only be political, to avoid telling the traveling public the truth for fear of backlash. Instead, they harm people like this. This is a fight the TSA will, and is, losing. One grope at a time, as Doober says....
  3. Wow, she really lays it out:

    Gone is the "I know they're just trying to do their jobs, but..." shtick.
  4. Doober

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    Yesterday, I was busy knitting Christmas gifts and watching Law & Order, SVU re-runs at the same time. I don't really watch but it's background noise which I need to keep me on task.

    Anyway, in one of the segments one of the cops says about suspect something to the effect that he abused and assaulted to cover up his own inadequacies. Why did I immediately think of TSA screeners when I heard that?

    BTW, I wonder if this woman was abused by former TUG member Anna Bucci, a/k/a Ciarin.
  5. Caradoc

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    Probably because you have intelligence and compassion - which disqualify you for TSA "employment," by the way.
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    You have to pony-up $99/yr for the privilege of posting online comments. Ah, the CT gold coast...
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    Doober, you're thinking about this a lot more than a clerk-with-benefits.
  8. N965VJ

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    There's been plenty of white people that have blown stuff up. I really don't care what someone's ethnic, religious, job history, etc. is. As long as they've been cleared of weapons / explosives / incendiaries, I don't care who is sitting next to me on the plane. If someone's going to try to take over a commercial aircraft with their bare hands, it will end very badly for them.

    Hatin' on W but you forgot about Tom Daschle's famous line abour "Federalize to Professionalize"? And under which administration's watch did the TSA Petting Zoo open business? If you want to blame someone, how about political grifters working for the security-industrial complex like Michael Chertoff.

    So, other than those two minor issues, yes, another person royally PO'd at the TSA. :D^
  9. Mike

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    It's a hangover from the last decade -- no sentence is complete unless it contains some mindless bashing of W, root of all evils, domestic and foreign. He even hangs out in my basement and clogs the pipes.
  10. CelticWhisper

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    On the civil-rights front, Obama has definitely been worse than W. However, I consider them more or less equally culpable for the sorry state of civil liberties in the US. Bush laid a lot of groundwork for what we have now and, without it, Obama would've had a tougher time getting some of his violations passed.

    Conversely, rather than doing the decent thing and reversing the opportunistic power-grabs Bush made after NINE ELEVEN (*spookyfingers*), he built upon them and used them to usher in a second wave of crackdowns on the rights of the people.

    "But we got Bin Laden!" Um...kay. Woo-hoo? Nowhere near enough to justify what's been done to us.

    I doubt I'll ever see Bush and Obama as anything but partners in crime.
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    Just a reminder to please use descriptive thread titles, e.g. more than just "another convert".
  12. Mike

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    This might have been only in IB Times Australian edition, still very bad & very high-profile coverage on TSA abuse!

    International Business Times: Assistant Editor of Prominent Science Journal Groped, Molested and Sexually Assaulted by TSA

    In a recent guest column published in the independent daily newspaper The Day, Karen Kaplan, a veteran journalist and assistant editor of the popular science journal Nature, retells her recent harrowing experience with U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screeners at Norfolk International Airport in Virginia. According to her personal account, Kaplan was targeted by TSA screeners who molested and sexually assaulted her, and she is now calling on the illegitimate federal agency to be immediately disbanded.

    Like many travelers before her, Kaplan became a victim of the world's most invasive and inappropriate "security" screening, a TSA pat down, after walking through the security line wearing a long skirt, which apparently constitutes a major security risk. In her scathing column, Kaplan recounts that two TSA screeners pulled her aside to tell her she needed to be groped because of the skirt, upon which Kaplan requested that the unavoidable pat down be done in private. Once in the private room; however, one of the TSA screeners proceeded to reach her hand up Kaplan's skirt and feel around in a highly inappropriate manner.
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