Another passenger charged with assault against a screener

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Doober, May 1, 2012.

  1. nachtnebel

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    This is a great thing. shows (a) guilty conscience--they know the effect on the pax and their complicity, despite what their bosses tell them and what they tell themselves, (b) awareness that they are generally detested, as per the cultural jokes about them, and (c) they're aware of their exposure to retaliation. They find no pride no protection in that blue outfit.

    This is not going to go away. The american public IS NEVER going to accept TSA's hands in their privates. And more and more travelers are getting this over time.
  2. Caradoc

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    I'm looking forward to the day you never see a TSA employee alone in their uniform. Even at the airport. The dissolution of the agency won't be far behind.
  3. DeafBlonde

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    Wake up, are dreaming again (and probably snoring really loud)!:D
  4. Fisher1949

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    I'm wondering what prompted the re-release of this story over a month later? Was is just the release of the video or her attorney getting a strategic news article?

    Reportedly, one outlet has the video of Price being groped prior to her demonstration to the supervisor but I haven't found it. Fox had a picture from it on their story.
  5. Frank

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    This will end when Pedosmurfs start facing sexual assault charges and end up in GenPop with the other criminals.
  6. Frank

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    She's a hot babe traveling alone. Of course she's being targeted.
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  7. Frank

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    What future employment? Any resume I receive that has TSA in the work history goes straight to the shredder. They won't even get work search credit for their unemployment check out of me.
  8. Frank

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    I was under the impression that the work rules stated they couldn't wear the uniform off airport property.
  9. Caradoc

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    I believe it was that they couldn't wear the uniform anywhere but to-and-from the airport - we used to see any number of uniformed pedosmurfs on the light rail train.
  10. Fisher1949

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  11. Lisa Simeone

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    Woman who groped TSA worker claims retaliation
    She says TSA supervisor disliked her when they worked together
    Oh, and then we have this:
    This is the first time since Perv Pistole initiated the gropes that we've been told that the smurfs are supposed to use the backs of their hands. In fact, this is contrary to what the Gropenfuhrer and his minions have stated numerous times since November 1, 2010.
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  12. TravelnMedic

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    Well that supervisor just admitted the gropes are sexual assault. Doing ones job isnt a free pass to violate the law...get the nail gun out...its hammer time! Its amazing Pissys perverts gather there own rope and hang themselves with it.

    How much you want to bet a spokehole does some major back peddling saying the supervisor is wrong or ill on and :td:
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  13. Lisa Simeone

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    You are so right. Stay tuned for major backpedaling. Where's our TSA spokesperson?
  14. RB

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    Rugape seems unwilling to discuss anything TSA. I guess it's hard to defend his fellow criminals.
  15. Rugape

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    I have already explained that I do not comment on many things because of the SSI components, it makes it impossible for me to comment on many things, so rather than say something and not be able to give you facts on it, I stick to what I can comment on without those constraints.
  16. Lisa Simeone

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    So how do you explain the fact that a TSA spokesperson was quoted in that article supposedly revealing supposed "SSI components"?
  17. RB

    RB Founding Member

    If you say so....
  18. Mike

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    Leave it to Amy ... :D

    Men's News Daily: TSA: Retired Crotch-Grabber Protests Her Crotch-Grabbing

  19. MaximumSisu

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    He either did or he didn't. If front versus back of hand is SSI, then you and he aren't supposed to say. If it isn't, then his comment was fine and you're being obstructive.
  20. Lisa Simeone

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    But according to the ABC report Amy quotes:
    That means she left three years before the gropes were implemented. She's not a "retired crotch-grabber."

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