Arrested TSA Employee Another Smurf in the Hoosgow (Subtitle: Thieving Morons at MIA)

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Mike, Jan 20, 2012.

  1. Mike

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    WSVN (20 Jan 2012): TSA agent and wife arrested in iPad thefts

  2. A secret pocket in his uniform?? That can fit an ipad?? Do they come this way or did his wife sew it in for him?
  3. Fisher1949

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  4. Mike

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    More details in the Miami Herald ...

    Miami Herald (20 Jan 2012): TSA agent accused of selling stolen property from luggage on Craigslist

    Of course, given that special pocket, this probably wasn't their first theft; in fact, ...



    It took THREE FRIGGIN' YEARS for these thieves to be caught. How many more are out there?

    And then there's the usual bull:poop: from a TSA spokeshole:

    Somebody should take a 2x4 and beat these spokesholes until their mouths quit moving. :trash: has higher standards than TSA.
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  5. Fisher1949

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    So how many laptops were stolen that TSA refused to pay for?

    The odds of getting a claim paid are very low (its never their fault) and the victims are out tens of thousands of dollars.

    Aside from going to FL and suing them how do these folks get compensated?
  6. Lisa Simeone

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    Logic dictates, of course, that there are many more thefts (and assaults) than we'll ever know. And the TSA has been "quietly" compensating victims who do come forward for years, to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars. I have the exact figure buried somewhere in my files; I posted it a while back at TUG but it's going to take me a while to find it again.

    Paying for thieves and thugs. Our tax dollars at work!
  7. Lisa Simeone

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    Found it. It's also in my Master List:
  8. Mike

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    Bill's been documenting about 60 TSA criminal annually, but that includes the perverts, rapists, etc.

    2,737 claims indicates that the actual number of thieves could be as high as 100X the number we know about or even more, given that there are claims denied & potential claims never made.

    It's simple math with incredible implications.
  9. Fisher1949

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    Thanks! I recall reading that the percentage of paid claims was low but a 75% rejection rate is outrageous. Do they really believe that 3 out of 4 people are making bogus claims?

    I know I didn't get a dime the three times they helped themselves to something they liked in my checked bag. I filed a claim and they sent the standard, ".....many people come in contact with checked baggage....yayda, yada, yada.....not our fault" letter even tough a TSA inspection notice was in the bag each time. Filed claim with airline, same story.

    TSA blames the airline, the airline blames TSA and the passenger gets screwed.

    Most people are infrequent travelers and either don't bother to file a claim or quickly give up when they get resistance. That's the problem with this whole industry. It's like a tow truck service, one of those businesses that most folks only deal with a few times in their life. They grumble when they have a bad experience but figure someone else will fix the problem.
  10. Fisher1949

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    I'm glad you reminded me. I pulled out a list of thefts for 2011 from the list last month but never finished it. Maybe I'll finish that today and post it.
  11. FaustsAccountant

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    Nothing. I got the "we are not responsible for any items missing or misplaced" line and a stone poker faced letter after letter when I pushed the fact that my checked bag was out of my hands and control thus THEY are responsible.

    After however many canned responses, they eventually simply ignored me.
    And the police was no help, they told me to file an insurance claim.
    The insurance company required a police report for the claim.
    The police refused to fill out a report.

    There's your highest professional and ethical standard with a side of zero tolerance.
    It's just words, and not even genuine ones.
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  12. RB

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    The continuing thievery by TSA screeners would seem to support some form of screening of TSA, and other airport employees who have access to baggage, when arriving for work and then again on departure. Of course TSA's answer would be that it doing so costs to much or is to hard yet TSA is willing to go to great extremes and cost to stop a one in several billion chance of terrorist attack.

    TSA is dysfunctional!!
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  13. Lisa Simeone

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  14. FaustsAccountant

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    So...who's going the screen the TSA? Themselves?
    Oh yeah I can see how well that's going to work.:rolleyes:

  15. jtodd

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    On top of all the other criminal actions TSA employees commit everyday, it is evident that "EVERY" TSA employee is a paid thief.

    They rob us of our time, our rights, our dignity and our possessions.

    This just goes to show that you can not trust a TSA employee, at all, for anything.
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  16. RB

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    I would suggest the newest employee at the airport food concessions.
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  17. Caradoc

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    According to some reports, approximately 60,000.
  18. N965VJ

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    I guess they thought they were more clever than the screener that got caught with a stolen iPad in his pants. :rolleyes:
  19. I'm still fascinated by the secret pocket. I wonder if he came up with the secret pocket idea, or if it's a trend. I'll bet more will get the idea to try the secret pocket now, anyway. These publicized arrests don't seem to be acting as a deterrent.
  20. Fisher1949

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    It's like an organized scam network.

    To add insult to injury, usually the passenger has to pay to check the bag that they rob.

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