Arrested TSA Employee Another TSA criminal convicted, this one for assisting drug dealers

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  1. Mike

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    WBFO 88.7: Two guilty pleas in case of public employees assisting drug suspects

    The other malfeasant (if that's not a word, it is now) worked for the Buffalo (NY) city clerk.

    Another article on the conviction:

    WKBW: TSA Worker, City Of Buffalo Employee Plead Guilty To Federal Charges

    Didn't her fellow BDO's notice that anything was amiss? I'm shocked.

    The fat lady won't be singing until some further charges are disposed. :D
  2. Rugape

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    Sad that this happened in the first place, glad they were convicted.
  3. barbell

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    The whole problem with this process, as the story of Minnetta Walker TSA Behavior Detection Officer (BDO) at BUF illustrates is the lack of checks and balances at the airport screening process.

    As a BDO, in what is now the new program being "tested" at BOS, she has the power to send anyone for any reason to additional screening. Period. End of story. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200. People like Minnetta Walker are judge and jury wrapped up into one frightening package.

    This is a problem. This is a serious problem that spits in the face of American culture.

    If a local police office pulls you over, you can contest his charges by going to court, and in some cases be granted a hearing in front of a jury of your peers.

    At the airport people like Minnetta Walker can falsely accuse you of a crime not yet committed, nor even conceived. She can deny you access to the sterile area. She can have local police arrest you. She can have you humiliated and stripped of your dignity. And yet she, and likely many other BDOs like her, are nothing more than common criminals.

    It's her word, and her word only that stands between you and keeping your dignity. You have no say in the matter. The fact that people like this exist, the fact that they are able to become BDOs, the fact that they can be fired and re-hired by TSA, proves that the program is unethical from top to bottom, inside out, and sideways. There is no value to it. It is unAmerican.
  4. THawk996

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    Being a BDO herself, she knew the tells that the other BDOs were looking for and thus was able to disguise her true intentions.
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  5. KrazyKat

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    Like the implications of being able to walk away with stolen goods, that perps can as easily bring items into secure areas, what possible business does this agency have screening the public when it has such abysmal controls in place for its own staff? The problems are reinforced behind a veil of secrecy and authority, the one-way nature of the relationship, as Barbell notes. It runs completely afoul of administrative procedure. Bureaucracies are loathed for their inefficiency, but part of that inefficiency (is usually) from just those checks and balances. Nazis were efficient. What we need is effective.
  6. Cartoon Peril

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    I have previously stated that non-publication of the rules (if there are any, as it seems there's just no general plan other than grope and grope again) is worse for security, because it creates a climate of uncertainty, confusion, and fear that could be taken advantage of at the checkpoint. This of course is an example of this.
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  7. OnTheAsile

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    Hmm, She plead guilty and she is a good candidate to testify for the prosecution of Briggs and Frank. So how about sentencing her to 5 years of probation and rehire her for her old job as BDO to assist in her recovery from a life of criminal conduct. After all she is a trained BDO and think of all the money that is saved by not retraining someone else.
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  8. Cartoon Peril

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    Yep, there is a whiff of DEAL here.
  9. Mike

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  10. Caradoc

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    Wouldn't be the first time that the BDOs missed something. Statistically, their record has been no better than random selection.

    The BDO program is just another wasteful boondoggle - like the TSA itself.
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  11. N965VJ

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    Don't BDOs work somewhat autonomously? This gives the criminal element within the TSA more freedom than if they were just tasked to work the x-ray machine or stack tubs.
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