Another way to identify your valuables to thieves

Discussion in 'Travel' started by Mike, Oct 30, 2012.

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    On the surface this isn't such a bad idea until you start thinking about it. Anything valuable enough to mark/tag/register in this manner is probably worth stealing.

    This is a press release reproduced in its entirety:

    Every year, millions of valuable items including laptops, phones, tablets, electronics, keys, jewelry, pets and even luggage, passports and cameras are lost and never returned because the finders are unable to connect with the owners. Now, My Stuff Lost and Found ( has partnered with Okoban® and Travel Sentry® to provide convenient online access to Okoban's free global lost and found service for life by offering sturdy tracker tags to place and register valuables in a secure, private tracking system to protect and recover lost valuables free, anywhere in the world, ensuring security and peace of mind. A finder of a lost valuable enters the Unique Identification (UID) on the Okoban website and the system immediately notifies the owner with a secure email and text message of the found valuable and its recovery location through a secure worldwide network used by more than 400 airline companies in more than 2,000 airports and travel industry “frequent finders” including TSA, rail, maritime, coach, rental car and hotel companies.

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