Another White House Petition to Improve Aviation Security

Discussion in 'What's On Your Mind?' started by Affection, Sep 24, 2011.

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    I'm philosophically opposed to asking Mr. Obama to resign. I like the political process. I want the people who voted him to loathe him by the time he's done. I want him to leave a foul taste in the Leftists' mouths that never quite fades. I want them to be on the lookout for future fascist socialists who attempt to slither in under the Democratic Party's radar.

    Obama is a crappy Democrat. I hope the DNC never forgets. If he resigns, is impeached or, God help us all, assassinated, the Left will forget what an appallingly bad president he's been.

    I hope that having been part of Obama's cabinet will be a political and professional "kiss of death" for his henchmen. I hope the 2012 election brings sweeping change. I want to see the Patriot Act rescinded and the TSA gone. I want the DHS gutted.

    The best way for me to get what I want is for Obama and his henchmen to continue to attack our Constitutional rights and foul up everything they touch.
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    In general terms I agree with you but I am afraid to see what additional damage Obama can bring down upon this country in his remaining time. We may be living in a historical period such as none before experienced by this country or its citizens.
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    I'm afraid you are right. None of us have ever read this configuration of tea leaves before. You have to go back to the 30's or even the 20's (weimar, germany) and yet I have a feeling that this may become worse than that. What has transpired up to this point is only the calm before the storm.

    Obama's not the cause nor is getting rid of him the solution, but it would be an improvement to have him gone simply he was never the right guy for that job. Much as I detest Bush, he simply would not have allowed the things that Obama has allowed Pistole to do. Not unless he went off on another bender.
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    This is a general all-around political rant and does not belong in the aviation security areas.

    And personally, I would say you should watch out what you ask for. If Obama resigns, we get Biden, who has been little more than annoying hangnail for the last two decades.
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    There are all sorts of petitions earmarked for the White House. Online petitions are the worst. They fall somewhere between chain letters and viruses. But what the heck, I know my comments will be interpreted as blindly defending TSA.

    This is truly a masturbation exercise: you may feel good doing it, but in the end, you're the only one who gets any satisfaction.
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    cupcake - politicians that fail to listen to there constituents soon find themselves out of office. I have seen it more then a few times, at the local state and national level and with the current enviroment its rapidly adding up to be a (expletive deleted) storm that incumbants are likely to face the reality of getting turned out in mass. Politicians are like diapers both stink and need to be changed for the same reason.
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    Hey, sport, this is the Big Leagues. Online petitions don't work. I know Obama said something about opening an avenue for online petitions, but that was just a bunch of political promises he made. Clearly you fell for it hook, line and sinker. I am beginning to question your life experiences if you are so easily fooled. But, apparently, you are not alone. So enjoy the company.

    Your little petition is going to get lost in the shuffle with the other petitions such as reversing the law giving Social Security benefits to illegal aliens, dissolving the Electoral College, revealing the truth about alien visits to Earth and spilling the beans on the JFK assassination.

    Good luck with that, pilgrim.
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    You can stick to "your hope for change", and your head in the sand; Ill stick to my guns and religion. Well 20K+ signature in 48hrs lets just see how many it has after 1 week as ill bet dollars to donuts theres more signatures on that petition then smurfs before the end of the week. The drum beat keeps getting louder, and louder and louder; you cant ignore it forever as eventually its gonna catch your square in the teeth.
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    In the end, that's all that counts. ;)

    Besides, I bet you get plenty of masturbation time yourself, in the nude body scanner video room. "Hey, we got a cute one coming through..."

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