Anti-Illegal Immigrant Activists Assault Videographer during Public Rally in Arizona

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  1. If there is one thing the Riders United for a Sovereign America motorcycle club hate more than illegal immigrants, it is a videographer named Dennis Gilman.

    And that hate is evident in Gilman’s latest video showing a group of leather-clad, tattooed men (and one woman) surrounding him as they assault, intimidate and insult him on the Arizona State Capitol lawn during a rally Saturday.

    One man claims the state capitol is “private property,” which would be laughable in any other state except Arizona, which actually sold the state capital to a private company in 2009, only to try to buy it back in 2012, but learning it would cost them much more than they sold it for, so now they’re stuck leasing the property indefinitely where it will cost them even more in the long-run.

    The bikers were one of several organizations that had rented out the lawn for the We Are America Tour, which was promoted as a public event.

    “Hey motherfucker, get the (expletive deleted) out of here,” one of them tells him to the backdrop of an immigrant woman onstage speaking against amnesty for illegal immigrants because unlike her, they didn’t arrive here legally by marrying an American citizen.

    It wasn’t the shiniest moment for the Arizona-based motorcycle club, whose code of conduct states they shall “never harass, taunt or intimidate others.”

    “They didn’t want me there because I’ve exposed them to connections to neo-nazis,” Gilman said in a telephone interview with Photography is Not a Crime Sunday night.

    Gilman has done more than that. Much more than that. But I didn’t have all night to interview him, so I’ll just give you one example of what he has done with his video camera and let you read this Phoenix New Times profile to get the rest of the scoop.

    In 2011, during a recall election for Arizona senator Russell Pierce, who sponsored a controversial and unconstitutional anti-illegal immigration bill, Gilman (along with Phoenix New Times reporter Stephen Lemons) exposed that Pierce’s supporters had recruited a sham candidate named Olivia Cortez to run against him and his opponent, Jerry Lewis, in order to split the opposition vote and increase his chances of winning.

    Cortez ended up having to drop out of the race and Pierce ended up losing the election.

    Check out the video below to see more of that story.

    So it’s not surprising that they view Gilman as a menace. One organizer of Saturday’s rally went as far as to accuse him of inciting riots.

    According to Raw Story:

    Heller, an anti-immigration activist in Phoenix and strong supporter of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, described Gilman in an exclusive interview with Raw Story as a provocateur. “They entice riots,” she said of Gilman and another reporter, Stephen Lemons from the Phoenix New Times. “They’re not like regular reporters. They don’t have an ounce of class. … I don’t consider the New Times ‘media.’”​
    Gilman said that police ended up responding to Saturday’s incident, ordering him to leave the area.

    “This is nothing new. I’ve been smacked around so many times over the years and police have never done anything,” he said.

    UPDATE: Here is the Phoenix New Times report on the incident.

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