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    Mike if your post was a response to mine I guess I posted poorly. I was asking Bart if Waco was not a sponsored assassination of US citizens then what was it?

    I have yet to figure out why they needed armor to remove 80 some odd people from a house. While cruel a blockade would have done the job in time.
  2. nachtnebel

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    Of course it wasn't an assassination, it was simply reckless endangerment of those kids. This was politically embarrassing, so they ended it with a very blunt instrument. Ruby ridge was closer to an assassination due to shoot to kill orders, without trial, on charges that were later proved to be fraudulent.
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    It was a response to Bart.

    If anyone is in the area, the site of the Waco massacre is open to public. It's maintained as both a church (not sure how large its congregation is these days) and a memorial. When we stopped there 4 years ago, it was very low key -- they leave you alone to walk around and make your own observations. A small visitors center was under construction at the entrance; it's probably open now.
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    Waco was screwed up right from the get go. They could and should have picked up Koresh when he made a grocery run and processed him through the court system. Instead a bunch of GI Joe wannabes from ATF crowded into a cattle trailer for delivery at the Branch Davidian compound. Rather than present a search warrant a raid was executed in which people on both sides died. That was the high point. I don't know how close the military involvement came to violating the Posse Comitatus Act but they did provide material support for the FBI/ATF/ETC.

    The destruction of private property by the tank drivers was over the top (crushing vehicles belonging to private citizens). Who gave the okay for that one? Then launching in tear gas grenades that started the fires that killed all the people (men, women, children) was the crowning glory of those in charge. Wonder if they could hear the screams and smell the burning human remains? Wonder if they even felt a twinge of guilt for what they did to the innocents? Did those in charge even consider attempting to put out the fires?

    Wonder where the due process was for those people? Did FBI snipers gun down those who attempted to run from the burning buildings? Government-sponsored assassination? No, government sponsored mass murder where the perpetrators got away with it.
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    I now realize why the anti-TSA sentiment is so strong with some of you. This was very enlightening. I finally see the elephant.
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    I seriously doubt if you give a damn about those people killed by our government at either Waco or Ruby Ridge. As to TSA? They had a chance to do it right but consistenly dropped the ball by abusing their authority over the traveling public.
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