Are we prepared for a Zombie Apocalypse?

Discussion in 'What's On Your Mind?' started by Mike, Mar 22, 2013.

  1. Mike

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    Apparently DHS is ready, although they are denying it, which seems to have come their daily modus operandi as of late.

    The article details lots of other wasteful spending by the American Stasi, for example, $98,000 for an Ohio town to purchase an underwater robot to help out with underwater rescues (wasn't aware that we have a lot of submarine disasters in Ohio, but I could be mistaken) and also funding so that Keene, New Hamshire, can patrol its pumpkin festival with an armored vehicle.

    Meanwhile, there's slight matter of the $16 trillion-dollar-national-debt that continues to grow while these out-of-touch wackos spend without limits.

    US News:
    Report: DHS Spent Money on Zombie Simulation

    Sen. Coburn details 'wasteful' security costs in report
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    We've been under attack by the Zombie banks for the last six years. They stick tentacles all over your face and suck the buying power right out of your wallet.

    They have money for that sh*t, but yet can't find any to staff airport control towers, so the FAA is closing 150 of them this year. You know, in small traffic areas like, say Fullerton, Oxnard, Riverside....
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    I got plenty of novelty...zombie...SHTF...JIC ammo courtesy of Hornady in give aways at local gun ranges I shoot at. Its a mixed lot .223 55gr Z-max rounds, .308 168gr Z-max, and 7.62x39 123gr Z-max plus a mixed lot of projectiles for reloading. ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ
  4. Rugape

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    I keep telling people, that little .22s are going to be worth their weight in gold when the zombie apocalypse kicks off. I have hundreds of rounds, they are great little bullets that act like a blender in the brain cavity once they enter. I have a 70 some year old .22lr that has a 26" barrel on it, when it fires it barely has enough sound to let someone know it is being fired. 15 minutes with a two litre bottle, some house insulation and duct tape and you wouldn't even be able to tell it fired from 25 feet away. The .22lr is going to be the ssavior of the world during the coming zombie wars.
  5. TravelnMedic

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    22lr is a different animal then the .223 I was talking about above. 22 cal is the perfect caliber for the reasons you mentioned althought there are some factors that play into that. 1400fps 22LR not going to have the same stopping power as a .223 doing 3000-3200 FPS or a 22-250 doing 3750+ FPS. Although the ultimate "zombie" stopper would be a 30-06 M2AP or a 5.56 M855 or M855A1.

    Now cans are a different story...2 Ltr cheap and easy...Although my preferred version of noise abetment is a little more expensive however repeatabilty/accuracy is quiet nice.
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