Arrested and jailed overnight for refusing to sign a citation for posting signage she didn't post

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    Welcome to China Amerika!

    Arrested and jailed overnight for refusing to sign a citation for posting signage that she didn't post ...

    Epoch Times: Daily Protests in San Francisco Follow Arrest: Case raises concerns of discrimination

    Cao Li, the principal of a performing arts middle and high school, who graduated from the prestigious Beijing Dance Academy, was arrested by police after she refused to sign a citation for posted signage that was posted by someone else.


    Ms. Cao had just arrived at the site after which she was approached by police officers asking her to sign a citation for hanging the signs. Cao refused to sign the citation believing it was admitting guilt to something she didn’t do.

    “At this point, rather than explain in detail the nature of the document she was asked to sign, the police officers restrained her and took her into custody without any apparent legal basis,” said Marsh.

    “Ms. Cao appears to have been arrested without articulable suspicion, much less probable cause, of criminal conduct,” she said.

    Cao was transported to the Southern Police Station where she was kept overnight, while still not knowing why she was detained or what charges she might face. Her arrest sparked an overnight protest at the police station with protests continuing on a daily basis.
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    They simply must recruit and retain smarter people in the police force before they alienate everyone who pays their salary and pension. This was not smart.
  3. Wow, illegally arresting a Falun Gong practitioner in the USA? Great thinking. Agree with nachtnebel -- police need to be able to think about the implications of their actions when they color outside the box like this. Falun Gong's persecution in China is pretty widely known, and now it's coming out that the SF police are sympathetic to policies in communist China. That does wonders for their image.

    Anecdote: when we lived in San Francisco, there was a junkie/crackhead who lived in the apartment right beneath us. He had a habit of setting his couch on fire, was up all night sometimes ranting and raving about the Jews, threw his broken needles out his kitchen window where they sometimes landed in our truck bed, and had a girlfriend who we once saw wandering the street with her butt hanging out of her pants. He also tore pictures out of porn magazines and posted them in his window, and before we moved in had known dangerous fugitives as friends who would come around and try to break into other people's apartments. It took an older tenant's son with an anger management problem putting a gun to junkie's head to get him and his friends to leave the other tenants alone. That, and I think his friends finally got arrested.

    The point of my story was that the San Francisco police were uninterested. And our landlord was for some reason impotent on the issue. We moved as fast as we could, and learned to be more careful in choosing a place to live. I did also learn something interesting, though -- what a crack pipe smells like.
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    Has someone locked down the website? The link hangs, and I was trying to put it up on G+
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    I went right to it just now using IE9.

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