Arrested TSA Employee Arrests Made In TSA Baggage Theft Ring

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    This is an odd report. Does anyone else know anything about this?
    I checked my list and didn't see anything like it but that doesn't mean it isn't old since it could predate 2010 when I started compiling this stuff.
    It doesn't show up on the WAFB non-mobile site or in a Google search.

    Anyway here is the full text.
  2. Mike

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    Maybe they got busted as they were thieving overtime for the Super Bowl crowd?
  3. Rugape

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    These are from 2004 era. The appeal for Gregory Carmen was denied in 2009, here is a copy of his appeal decision here:

    It appears (based on the testimony and conviction) that Carmen took a laptop from the checkpoint and was caught on video. There is no mention of conspiracy or involvement in any other case, so maybe he was a stand alone caught at the same time? Whatever the case, I am glad they are all gone.

    In this digital age, this is the only followup info I could find without using a pay site. There was a completely unrelated case that was "not considered" by the Louisian Supreme Court that included a Herbert Zeno, but it was in 1999 and completely unrelated.
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    Good to know that the recent spate of thefts by TSA lackwits isn't exactly a new trend.
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