Arsenic in Our Chicken?

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    Nothing surprising here. Only for those people who don't know what factory farming is. And that's most Americans! Frankly, I'm surprised that the researchers are surprised.

    No mention, of course, that the whole reason chickens are "stressed" is because they're shoved into tight cages with lots of other chickens, where they can't turn around, and routinely peck each other and themselves to bits (that is, when their beaks haven't been burned off, which is routine at lots of factory farms), have to endure each other's feces, etc. I'm sure somebody in the comments has pointed that out by now; don't have the patience to read all of them.

    The antibiotic resistance is, of course, terribly problematic. That's been understood for decades. Yet nothing is done.

    But it's good that this was written by a mainstream columnist in a mainstream publication. Maybe more people will pay attention.

    Arsenic in Our Chicken?
    Published: April 4, 2012
    (P.S. Keep in mind that Kristof didn't write the headline; a copy editor did.)
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    The powers that be want cheap food. The population wants cheap food. these two interests combine to yield the farm subsidies we have and some really questionable/awful food production methods. Cattle used to be fed bloodmeal, which mixed slaughterhouse leftovers with grain. (gee, aren't cows vegetarian?) that continued until the mad cow scare put an end to it. now GMOs...
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