[Article] TSA Abuses: Seeing the Forest and the Trees

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    TSA Abuses: Seeing the Forest and the Trees, from Anthony Gregory, published at the Future of Freedom Foundation. He points out the non-partisan, cross-left-and-right nature of the resistance to TSA abuses, and criticizes both R and D policymaker inaction with respect to the TSA. One thing I found interesting in his argument is the way he points out inherent contradictions in the current partisan D and R positions with respect to the TSA:

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    I haven't looked at the original article yet, but there is a huge constituency of Americans who support going straight at this TSA nonsense, and many who would quickly move to a "resistance" position if someone articulated it while suggesting what would make more sense as security measures.

    I think you have to expect the phenomena will be described differently depending on POV, and allow for that--not expect to bring people along into your general theory on poltical economy. Although an interesting pair of contradictions in the R & D positions, I think the TSA misdeeds can by themselves be politically galvanizing by sticking to the Constitution/body-privacy issues, and not by carrying extra political baggage (no travel pun intended).

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