Asiana Airlines 777 Crash @ SFO

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    1st officer or 2nd officer? That's a significant distinction on a 747. Both are technically co-pilots but the 2nd officer functions primarily as a flight engineer.

    This is due to the technology in use at the time the 747 was designed & certified; it took three people to keep tabs on everything. The newest 747s are able to use two-man cockpits.
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    I never looked for the Asiana discsussion of there. Were is it?
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    Asiana forum? :D

    Give JDiver my love & middle finger while you're there.
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    Ive gotten all up in this thread and will have to see how my latest master piece fairs as I called out a few and threw down a challenge...might be time for a few socks to get rolling just have to decide which alt ergo to spring.

    RB Here 140+ pages of BS, armchair quarterbacking and crappy double-crossing moderation.
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    JDiver's already been hacking up your posts & those who quoted it for "TOS violations". :D
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    yet hasnt sent a PM about it... go choke on your regulator JDiver.

    Oh the irony ... He didnt like calling out a bunch of whiners... I think I found a hit a nerve.

    Post with quote that survived
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    No offense guys but do we need to drag ft crap over here?
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    I thought it was funny, but I will stop. No big deal.
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    Ft is certainly a joke. Go on over and stick it to 'em.
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    That quote is still in your original, must have been something else that ruffled his poor feathers. The thread has almost devolved into a chorus of pontificating moderators.
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    He saw the light, but apparently it wasn't divine ...

    USA Today: Asiana pilot says he was blinded by light prior to crash (July 10 2013)

    Federal crash investigators revealed Wednesday that the pilot flying Asiana Airlines flight 214 told them that he was temporarily blinded by a bright light when 500 feet above the ground.


    Federal crash Investigators previously said that pilots recognized they were too low and not lined up precisely with the runway while still 500 feet from the ground. At 500 feet, pilots recognized that they were low as the Boeing 777 was going 134 knots and was 34 seconds from impact. They continued to make adjustments until hitting the seawall at the end of the runway at San Francisco International Airport.

    So they realized they had a problem when they were 500' off the ground, 34 seconds from impact (PLENTY of time in which to react), and traveling 154 MPH, and they still hit the seawall.

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    The rest got whacked except that one. At this point im done, the few greatful ones have spoken up and said thanks, the rest of the elitist pricks can kiss my (expletive deleted). I have a T-shirt that rings true says " Be nice to the paramedic ... They get to choose your needle size and electricity dose!"
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    They came from over water so where would a bright light come from and keep in mind it was just before mid-day and clear? Sun shinning off the water is possible.
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    Anyone else who's been switching back & forth between that other place & here struck by difference in the capabilities of the platforms? Several times I honestly forgot where I was and had downloads & screen snags on my computer, not remembering that there was no way to use them directly there, never mind embedding videos. Basically they're running on a modified version 3.8 (vintage 2008) of vBulletin, the last rev cranked out by Kier & Darby before they left & later founded XenForo. On top of that we can embed videos, easily added to vB 3.8 (I did it in the ThumperWatch forums a year or so before I merged them into TUG) but they've never bothered.

    The 1.2.0 versions of Xenforo (now out in Beta, TUG currently is on 1.1.3) ratchets it up a couple notches with a fantastically better editor that supports both copy & paste & drag & drop for images. Uploading to the forum host is done automatically when you click Create Thread / Post Reply.
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    Chairman Hersman's fourth media briefing on Asiana flight 214 crash July 10, 2013​

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    Mike honestly XF is alot better then other forum software out there. I can do so much more here without having to know coding tricks to get things to work on the other place. The other place is like going into a time-warp to forums I used to be active on 8-10 years ago, but there stuck with that monster because of the size of the site and volume of posts and data.
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    From Twitter:

    NTSB@NTSB 8 Jul
    The number 2 engine found adjacent to fuselage - evidence of high rotation at impact#Asiana 214

    Possibly as I surmised earlier -- if the left engine wasn't generating thrust this would explain the spin as the plane jumped in elevation. When you are flying a twin jet on one engine, you compensate for the thrust differential by adjusting the tail rudder, and the vertical stabilizer was gone.

    Edited to add: Looks like the other one was also turning:

    NTSB@NTSB 8 Jul
    Examination of engines indicate that they were both making power at the time of impact, which is consistent with the FDR. #Asiana 214
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    A couple more photos on the ground from @NTSB:

    NTSB 111.jpg NTSB 112.jpg
  19. Mike

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    Earlier NTSB press briefing (Sunday, July 7):

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    Is calling for evacuation not part of the (memorized) manual?
    The mistress of understatement continues:

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