ATR is a Failure

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by barbell, Aug 18, 2011.

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    As a machinery inspector I would never take a tool out of my toolbox just because I bought a new tool. One never knows when the old tool may be the one that best does the job.

    Now, I may have to get a bigger toolbox, but that is another problem.
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    Apparently TSA plans to see how big everyone's toolbox is.
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    Bart claims that unless you have large tools, they really can't make them out very well.
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    So is that the same as calling Negrin a liar?
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    FWIW, I saw numerous full body patdowns after WBI at PIT the other day. PIT uses the backscatter machines which don't have ATR. It was depressing that no one else opted out. But several of the people that got patdowns after assuming the surrender posture looked mighty angry.
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    So we can't get a straight answer out of these folks then.
  7. barbell

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    Did you expect one?

    Their entire regime is concocted on keeping "the terrorists" guessing.

    It is painfully obvious that some in this organization consider "the terrorists" to be those of us who don't quietly and obediently submit to their whims.
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  8. barbell

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    Without my glasses I can't see to position myself into the damn thing. How is that any solution? Women should remove their bras and everyone should dress so as not to alarm the sensitivities of the machine? Sorry, but that's a fail in my book. Either the machine works, or the machine doesn't work. If it is alarming on glasses, bras, and pleats, it's a failure as far as I'm concerned.

    And I'm torn on this whole ATR issue. Yes, the agency is apparently responding to public criticism. Too little, too late from my viewpoint. Oh, and it's ineffective.

    I would agree that the greater "threat" to aviation security today is non-metallic items. The agency, therefore, needs to move beyond WTMD to find these items. I said as much at least 3 years ago. But a virtual strip search is still a virtual strip search, whether or not it is masked by ATR. That a free people are forced to undergo a strip search of any kind to conduct business is unreasonable. There are better ways to do this stuff. TSA just seems to be inept as an organization in either finding or implementing these solutions.

    I will also add that ATR or no ATR, the whole body imaging AIT (advanced imaging technology) has not been proven safe for wholesale human use on this scale. I know and understand the theory of this technology and its effects on human tissue, and in theory, yes it should have minimal effect. That does not equal "safe".

    As I've said before, regardless if the machine is the L3 MMW or the Rapiscan backscatter x-ray unit, the use of this technology in this way has not been tested for safety and efficacy on humans in the way that it is being used. It therefore must be considered suspicious until proven otherwise. That is the lesson we learned from Tuskegee.
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    They are, however, apparently very efficient at hiring untrainable morons and repeatedly attempting to "retrain" them, as well as hiring thieves, rapists, child molesters, and child pornographers.

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