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Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Sky Dancer, Dec 17, 2011.

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    I think your descriptions are compelling on this point, given the low power consumed by MMW, wrt safety.
    The pose is a stumbling block personally, and a bigger stumbling block are the huge number of false positives that can get you an immediate feel-over in locations you
    don't want to be felt. That is a huge stumbling block. Plus aiding and abetting this search regime. I had airports I could fly out of without scanners. No longer. My immediate solution was
    to quit flying. This hobson's choice I believe, is turning out to be quite costly to airlines; the thought of having to make it makes ANY alternative to flying look more attractive and worth the sacrifice of time.
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    For a knowledgeable person, her arguments have always made sense. However, the average Joe Citizen in an airport should not have to know how to distinguish between the machines. As long as TSA is using machines that are using ionizing radiation, just avoid them. Period. No further analysis is need.

    Joe Citizen can focus on the privacy issues when the x-ray scanners are gone.
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    The government used those troops as guinea pigs. Lied to them, told them that there was no danger to them that far away, so that they could test the effects on troops on the battlefield. They were close enough to feel the blast wave, just not the thermal blast. Unfortunately, they had already received a high does of gamma radiation. Then they proceeded to have them march into the contaminated area, inhaling radioactive alpha and beta particles. I know some on here probably have already seen this, or videos like it. Some of the videos of testing done with chemicals is just as bad.

    The actions and policies of the TSA are tests as well, just done in such a way, so as to garner support, or, more likely, limit dissent. These tests, though, are no less dangerous to American citizens as a whole, including our rights and freedoms, than those tests on soldiers were to their physical well being.
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