BA A-319 with 2 damaged engines limps back to LHR [LHR, OSL]

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    They suspect that it took off with an engine cowling not properly latched down, and that issue was compounded by bird strikes in one or both engines.

    Lots of pics & videos in the articles, esp. in the Daily Mail.

    UK Daily Mail: Should stricken plane even have taken off? Safety fears raised night before BA jet's engine exploded mid-air
    • British Airways plane was forced to make an emergency landing
    • All 75 passengers were evacuated safely and accounted for
    • Passenger has described moment flames were seen coming from the engine
    • Eyewitnesses have described hearing 'a blowout' and seeing engine on fire
    • Pictures from inside aircraft show inspection cover loose on port engine
    • Aviation experts say 'damage is consistent with a bird strike'
    Leaving a trail of smoke in the skies above London, a stricken jet is just seconds from a potential disaster as it descends for an emergency landing with one engine damaged and the other on fire.

    Shocked passengers yesterday described watching as the British Airways jet’s port-side engine covering ripped off on take-off from Heathrow, exposing its inner workings. Just minutes later the plane’s starboard engine exploded into flames, leaving a trail of black smoke.

    The Daily Mail can reveal that passengers had reported vibrations and whistling in the cabin – over the wing area where the engines are located – during the plane’s previous flight on Thursday night.


    And critics have demanded why the stricken plane was allowed to fly back to base, over millions of homes in Western Europe’s most densely populated city on one of the busiest flight paths in the world.

    Alternative routes over countryside to airports such as Gatwick, Farnborough or Marston in Kent were possible.


    The most likely theory at the centre of the investigation is that maintenance crews simply failed to properly lock the metal cowls which protect the engines before take-off. If engines are not properly encased by locking the metal cowls, debris can enter the engines. This can cause fires, experts said.


    Passengers on the crippled 150-seat jet told how the cabin ‘glowed orange’ after the Airbus A319’s right engine caught fire.

    The drama happened as the flight returned to Heathrow – about 15 minutes after air traffic control had alerted the pilot at take-off to smoke coming from the plane and debris on the runway, possibly from one or both engines.

    Passengers said the casing of the left engine started to break away from the plane during take-off.

    Sky News: BA Plane 'On Fire' As It Flew Over London

    UK Telegraph: BA pilot praised for averting disaster

    Aviation Herald: Incident: British Airways A319 near London on May 24th 2013, problems with both engines, doors on both engines missing
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    Wasn't it an A-319 that Scully landed in the Hudson after birds took out both engines? I know it was an Airbus.
  3. RB

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    Airbus A320.

    Edit to add:

    Same family. Not sure if they share the same engines. Some engines are more resistant to FOD damage than others although a large bird or some other kind of debris will take out most any engine. Not latching the cowling is both a ground maintenance error and a pre-flight error on the pilots part.

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