Bad Day on the Basketball Court

Discussion in 'What's On Your Mind?' started by RB, Mar 31, 2013.

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    Fortunately, I tuned into the game just after it happened, but the announcers never said anything about what his injury was. It wasn't until later in the game that I heard it was a broken leg. For a few minutes, I was concerned if someone had dropped dead on the court.
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    This video, has been circulated in various EMS circles and its like watching a train wreck you know its coming and want to turn away but don't. The break is pretty graphic but the reactions from the bench he fell infront of was on the same level.

    Good news is they have kevin up and walking around hours after his surgery (with a fair amount of hardware - estimates of 1 rod and 3-7 screws & plates). Probably no basketball for a year but they are thinking he will be able to attend the Final 4 Game.

    *** late add: there are some images shot from court level coming to light that show this was a compound open Tib/Fib fracture *** If you have a weak stomach do not search google.
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    Been there, seen worse. Not much worse, though.

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