Bad News: BWI reports best month ever

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  1. Lisa Simeone

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    Not sure where exactly to post this. It's aviation, but it's not security related. So here it lands.

    If y'all want to comment over there, feel free. Be aware that the reporter, Michael Dresser, is a TSA Apologist Extraordinaire. (Oh, by the way, this, a blog entry, not a news article, is being trumpeted on the front page of the Sun on-line):

    BWI reports best month ever
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    That was July. Note what Barbell said about August and current and impending cutbacks at many airlines. The news is not good for those who say TSA has had no effect. The airlines will be competing for dwindling passengers and TSA will be seen as a problem.
  3. Mike

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    DOT publish such data monthly, and if they were reporting on July figures, they probably were using DOT data. These monthly reports are public & available on the internet going back several years.

    I wouldn't be too concerned about spikes at any one particular airport, especially not with two large mergers (Continental/United & Southwest/AirTran) still consolidating their route networks.
  4. Fisher1949

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    While it isn't good news its doubtful that BWI is representative of any overall trend. Because of the large number of Federal employees and contractors in the Baltimore -Washington corridor, there is still a substantial level of air travel. It's the same situation that accounts for the steady housing prices in the region while most areas have seen dramatic drops in home values.

    Unfortunately, it is also a largely brain-washed region in that many tend to go along with whatever the Government tells them to do. The sad fact is that many people are willing to take their chances if they want to go somewhere and often get through unscathed. Unless they are the victim they tend to be indifferent to the plight of others, even it is a family member.

    I think the delays caused by all this will ultimately become the most pivotal factor. The sheeple will rationalize the groping if they get through quickly but will go ballistic if they have to queue up three or four hours ahead of time. More flight disruptions would also help change things. It has to be costing the airlines a bundle every time they have to divert for an "emergency".
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