BDOs and 1-week training course?

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    As some know, I'm quite interested in the BDO program and the rights of pax regarding ignoring BDOs and refusing to talk to them. Occasionally I'll read a curious response, though - a pax will ask a BDO how long it's been a BDO, along with "How was the 1-week training course?"

    Most accounts detail BDOs really, really hating that question. Is it true that BDOs are trained in 1 week? Is this a point of embarrassment to them?

    Wondering about the story behind this.
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    Yup, although it's probably 9 calendar days until you're a master of the mind-meld:


    This quote from the same page says it all:

    Of course we're all suspicious. After all, we're the enemy.
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    So then the objection is due to embarrassment? Or is it an alphabet-soup (USA TSA BDO TSO SOP SSI) thing where they're sulking over having their pweshus seekwits told out loud?
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    When I was working as a supervisor for the airlines in LAX, I was required to sit through Ground Security Coordinator training. Allegedly this training provided me the knowledge to oversee a security checkpoint at LAX. The class could not have been more than 3-4 days. This was all prior to 9-11 when checkpoints were not federal and we were still using the "rent a cops" at the checkpoints. If there were questionable items or "concerns" I was required to resolve the problem. I got minimal training on reading x-rays and being able to spot "suspect" material in bags.

    The point of this being I was not trained to manage a checkpoint, yet I had to be the go to person when a question arose. At the time, all checkpoints had to be overseen by a GSC. I used this training, if we can really call it that more when I was working with flight crews, but the checkpoints were one aspect of it. Until of course the Feds took control and created the nightmare we have now.
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