BDOs at EWR profiled Mexicans

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Doober, Jun 12, 2011.

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    So the FSD that was relieved of her duties and moved to HQ to work with Blogger Bob.

    The term TSA choose for its employees, "Human Captial" is so demeaning that I cringe every time I see the term. Another indication of how TSA feels about people in general

    Solid evidence shows that the TSA BDO program is a worthless expenditure of manpower and tax dollars. This story shows that TSA so-called Leadership will do anything to show a successful working program even going as far as abusing citizens and visitors.

    More evidence that TSA is all show, no go.

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    "Human" Capital?
    the jury's still out on that one. There have been far too many reports of gorillas missing from city zoos for me to just accept that without proof.
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    Just hit CNN..

  5. RB

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    No longer in management (supposedly) but they do not say the person(s) are no longer with TSA. One report clearly said the FSD was transfered to HQ.

    Why are TSA people checking passports and other documents? What do these things have to do with WEI.
  6. FriendlySkies

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    If these people are committing these kinds of acts, then why aren't they fired? Why does TSA seem to reward incompetence?

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    Now you guys are being silly regarding "Human Capital". A quick search and I found the Department of Defense has what it calls a "Human Capital Office", the Department of Energy has the "Office of the Chief Human Capital", etc. However, single out TSA all you want, if it makes you happy.

    In fact, here is a link to a DOD "Human Capital Strategic Plan FY 2010 to 2014".

    I guess only TSA is wrong for using the term "Human Capital"?
  8. RB

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    I made the comment about "Human Capital" and I believe the term is deamining regardless of who uses it.
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    I agree but it's everywhere. I've worked for a company where the name was changed from "Personnel" to "Human Resources" (IMO no better than "Human Capital") to "People and Culture" (Is that 'culture' as in 'slime'? Okay now it makes sense. :p ) then back to HR. People believe that changing the name will give them more respect or make them seem progressive.

    There's a Dilbert somewhere where the Pointy-Haired Boss announces [something like] "For years we've been saying that people are our most important resource, but we've done an audit and it turns out people are number 8." Wally asks, "What was number 7?" and the PHB replies, "Used carbon paper."
  10. Elizabeth Conley

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    These are the statutes that used to be employed to protect minorities. I don't understand why this manager and his cohorts weren't charged. Then again, I don't understand why they haven't all been charged, from Napolitano on down.
    The behavior of the TSA at checkpoints has always struck me as obviously criminal. Sure, maybe the drones don't know, but middle management on up has to know that their behavior constitutes a very serious crime, particularly given the degree of collusion.
  11. SATTSO

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    But you seem to be singling out TSA. Your original quote didn't mention any other government agency, or private business. Nor did you mention it seems to be a wide spread term used by various groups.
  12. RB

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    I am personally not aware of any other business, agency or what have you that uses the term Human Capital to refer to employees.

    I am not in favor of the term regardless of who is using it.
  13. SATTSO

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    I post 2 examples above, which I found doing a VERY quick search. And I'll note the DoD encompasses many more employees/personal than DHS/TSA.
  14. RB

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    I was responding to your question about my first post. I don't think I have to justify what I believe or know to anyone.

    Not sure why you are hounding me about this, I clearly said I don't like the term, you challenge, I again say I don't like the term yet you continue tha attack. Seems like what you are doing is what you complain about on another forum.

    Let me ask you this, how do you think the term "Human Capital" reflects on the workers of any organization?
  15. SATTSO

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    Wow. Your reading a lot into what I said. And that's your problem, not mine. Trying to grow it on me is silly.

    I didn't say nor ask for you to justify anything. I simply noted that TSA is not alone in doing this. And if you think replying to a comment you made is hounding you, then you an I have a different opinion about what these sites are for. I thought they were for open discussion?

    Add: if you don't want me to reply further to you, that is ok with me. Yet I remember another conversation you and I had on another site where after much more conversation than this, when I said we will have to agree to disagree, you said I unless the conversation continued i was nothing more than a child who gets upset and takes their ball home.
  16. RB

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    OK, when I made the first comment about not liking the term I was unaware of any other group using that term. I have made no effort to find others that use the term. It seems it may be a government agency kind of thing but I don't know that for sure. What is clear is that I have said I do not favor the term regardless of who is using it.

    Keep in mind that I left government service in 1992, have only been on a military installation maybe five times since then, and one of those was to visit the Naval Aviation Musuem.

    You can reply as often and however you like but my answer to you will not change on this point. I do not like the term "Human Capital"!
  17. SATTSO

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    I never made the claim that you or anyone had to like that term. I simply was pointing out that TSA is not alone in using it. It seems to be a sort of common termonolgy. Again, that does not mean you or I have to like it. I don't like it either, just so you know. Nor have I ever like the term "Human Resource".

    All I did was to point out that if your going to be critical of TSA, such criticizism holds more weight when TSA is alone in its actions when it does someting wrong/incorrect/disrespectful.

    My last post on the topic, promise. ;)
  18. RB

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    Since we got sidetracked on the phrase "Human Capital" I'm curious how you feel about TSA BDO's using racial profiling?
  19. AngryMiller

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    Other terms that rate up there with Human Capital:

    Professional person (actually used at a Fortune 500 company during the late 70s. Got them to stop using it when I started making fun of it. Considering renouncing my amateur status as a person and go professional. It embarrassed them).
    Security at any cost. Figure that enough travelers have had their dignity stolen from them by out of control, answerable to no one TSA employees.
    We're here to protect you. From what? Your marauding coworkers? Here is a big clue for your agency thousands of terrorists (actual terrorists) fly every year through our airspace. Your agency is so focused on things that it won't ever find a terrorist.
    Human resources. A very dark joke that one is considering how most companies treat their employees.
  20. RB

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    Human Capital brings to mind indentured servitude. I know there are many other terms that are demeaning in use. I can't do anything about them other than address the issue and attempt to educate and bring change in a peaceful manner.

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