Be indomitable. Refuse to be terrorized.

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by lkkinetic, Sep 9, 2011.

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    Apologies, my fellow TUGgers, for dumping a blog firehose here; I told Mike I'd post links to my earlier TSA-related posts at my blog, but then got bogged down in a writer's block on this post I wrote today, with the above title quoting Bruce Schneier:

    Be indomitable. Refuse to be terrorized.

    I think you'll recognize a lot of the themes in it, although my analysis is more general than just TSA.

    Here are links to other posts I've written since January about the economic and moral consequences of current TSA policies:

    The TSA's wholesale violation of our civil rights, including economic liberty (written largely as a hook in to the EPIC scanner event in January)

    Some economics of TSA policies

    Homeland security: Eroding your human rights without any benefit-cost analysis

    Civil liberties and economics: More than just free markets

    I hope you find these posts useful in formulating your own analyses and advocacy, and feel free to pass 'em around if you think they'll be persuasive to any of your AFS friends. Comments welcome, of course.
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    Going to read all of them, but OMG got sidetracked not only by your bio but by your category called Shoes!


    You will, therefore, probably enjoy this:

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    I've refused to be terrorized for years. My resolve only grows.
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    Bookmarked, thanks! :)

    Dang, those boots are made for walkin'! :D^
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    I'm wondering ... wasn't "refusing to be terrorized" what made the US the "land of the free, and the home of the brave", back in the days?
    Not trying to point fingers, just trying to figure out what America stands for these days (for a simple 50% German, 50% Brit (with 12.5% Scot in there) it seems difficult to figure out these days). Maybe you need more Scots in the States :)

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    We do need more Scotch. Don't know about the Scots though. ;-)
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