"Because our procedures are consistent nationwide ..."

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    I was going to just post this in the Sandy thread, except for the absurd claim of consistency.


    WSB Radio: Atlanta TSA agents head to Sandy damage zone

    First thing Friday morning, 25 TSA agents from Atlanta will be in New York to help get the transportation systems back online.

    "Because our procedures are consistent nationwide," Transportation Security Administration spokesman Jon Allen tells Channel 2 Action News, "[|screeners] have the ability to work at any checkpoint."

    Have we heard of Jon Allen before, or is he a new member of TSA's Disinformation Bureau?
  2. Mike

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    Methinks Becky's not impressed with their claims of consistency ...

    Becky Akers @ LRC Blog: STAY HOME, Scum and Pedophiles

    Posted by Becky Akers on November 1, 2012 09:41 AM

    As if Our local Rulers and a hurricane haven’t damaged New York and New Jersey enough, the TSA is jumping into the fray. It’s exporting its deviants and thugs from St. Louis to the “northeast”; allegedly, they will “help Sandy survivors.” I’m not sure how stealing iPads, money, and jewelry while sexually assaulting people who’ve lost power or, in some cases, entire homes and neighborhoods will “help,” but hey, that’s why I’m a mere serf and not a Large Cow-Plop at the TSA.

    Those of you in St. Louis need not sigh with relief that your airport will be safer minus some of its blue-gloved terrorists. The agency “says their deployment [sic for ‘invasion’] will not have an impact on security [sic for 'molestation'] lines here in St. Louis.” Of course it won’t. When your ranks of predators are as bloated as the TSA’s, what’re a couple dozen leeches more or less?

    All “northeastern” boys should join me in thanking Roland Walkenhorst for sending the link and thereby warning us. The perverts leave today for our fair city: there’s still time to flee and save ourselves from the gate|rapists.

    Update: Texas Chris writes, "I wonder if the TSA's [ahem. Chris came up with some choice names for our assailants, none of them family-friendly] will have to go thru molest-o-security in order to get on a plane" and fly to the Big Grapple. Here's hoping they grope each other long and hard! Leave bruises, guys.

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