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    Entertaining case moniker, but quite an interesting case and won by Beer et al as sustained by the en banc US Court of Appeals.

    This is an interesting case because it links the agreed-upon payment to purchasing power, not to the nominal amounts. That is, Congress can't just tell these people, "here's the $100,000 take it and shut up" after they and their delegates have devalued it--that is essentially lowering their pay:

    As the article goes on to question why private contracts should not also be provided with such protection...This strikes at the heart of the government's inflation scheme, but unfortunately, will probably be applied only to the benefit of the federal judiciary.

    Jon Corbett can't get a hearing from these *ssholes to stop federal agents from pawing his genitals at airports. But they will hear a case that protects their own pay.
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    Federal employees have had cost of living adjustments frozen for a couple of years now. Many people think they are already paid to much but the people on the lower end of the pay scale are working stiffs just like many others. Wonder how such thought as above plays into this?

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