Behavior Detection Is Working ('cause Pissy says so)

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    Both of his examples are mission creep -- neither has anything to do with aviation safety. The simple fact of the matter is that BDO voodoo has yet to catch a single terrorist.

    Aviation Pros: Behavior Detection Is Working

    This approach is working. In the past month alone, TSA officers trained to pick up on behavioral cues saved a beaten and kidnapped woman from her kidnappers in Miami and came to the rescue of a man having a heart attack in Boston.
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    What are the "micro expressions" for a person having a heart attack? Mike, can you address that question?
  3. Just what I was thinking. I suspect the security guard who sits at a podium at my mall knows how to recognize symptoms of a heart attack.
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    Well you gotta go the "TSA University" first, to correctly read the intent of someone who clutches their chest as then fall over....:p
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    That's actually not what to look for in most cases. ;)
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    That article was pretty hilarious - and by 'hilarious' I mean embarrassing.

    This is why the Transportation Security Administration utilizes a risk-based, intelligence-driven layered approach to security, using everything from passenger information to technology and importantly, behavior-detection techniques.

    Seriously? Well, maybe I'm being too harsh. Maybe he means the risk-assessments TSA agents make when they decide whether or not to steal your iPad. And maybe intelligence-driven means when TSA agents talk to each other on their phones to decide which passengers would be good marks.

    Looking for suspicious behavior is simply common sense. Law enforcement does it every day in communities across the country and around the world.

    TSA is not law enforcement. And even if they were, I don't think they'd recognize truly suspicious behavior if it walked up and introduced itself.

    This approach is working. In the past month alone, TSA officers trained to pick up on behavioral cues saved a beaten and kidnapped woman from her kidnappers in Miami and came to the rescue of a man having a heart attack in Boston.

    Yay! Still, no terrorists found -- which is the stated reason for the introduction of the BDO black magic voodoo.

    Our behavior-detection program is a critical part of our approach to securing travel, but profiling passengers on any basis is simply not tolerated.

    I'm still laughing.

    While deterrence is an important outcome of TSA's security protocols and initiatives, it is also difficult to measure. But when security measures deter a would-be terrorist from attempting to carry out a planned attack, we have succeeded.

    In other words, 'we know we haven't found any terrorists, but we will continue to believe in magical thinking.'

    The behavior-detection program is an internationally proven way to observe possible threats.

    And most of those folks are highly trained, unlike our crop of barely educated thugs.
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  8. Fisher1949

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    Pure BS propaganda. He thinks if they lie long enough and loud enough people will believe him.

    The fact is that the clock is winding down for Pissy and Nappy and soon they will be defending themselves before Congress without benefit of an agency to hide behind.
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    And I thought Kippie was an idiot.
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    The noticing a heart attack one was pure luck, but yet in classic TSA style anything they can use to divert attention from the atrocities it commits on a daily basis they will trumpet it as lound and frequently as possible.

    Even as provider where I see lots of cardiac cases other then the classic" Cool, pale, diaphoretic, with difficulty breathing", "oh its indigestion", "my chest is a little tight" or the "Oh :trash:" and drop to the deck it can be hard to tell.

    My worst cardiac came in as priority 3 (No lights or sirens) "sick person - nauseated " at 3 am on a early 30's triathalon competitor. Wont go into the full details but involved my partners eyes bugging out of his head (from seeing the 4 lead), me having a pucker factor of 50 (for seeing the 12 lead), and the aircrew doing CPR inflight. The patient survived but now has a LVAD and is awaiting a heart transplant.
  11. Frank

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    Kippie was an idiot.
    Pissy is the king of all idiots.
    Big Sis is a fascist in lesbian clothing.

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