Ben Affleck Really Is a (expletive deleted)

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Caradoc, Oct 13, 2012.

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    He's wrong, of course. I've noticed that in a lot of TSA-related discussions, left-leaning posters tend not to wear their politics on their sleeves while right-leaning posters will more often accompany criticism with calls for privatization and cuts in government spending, and so that makes one easier to identify than the other, but left-leaning anti-TSA people definitely exist. You're hearing from one right now.

    The one good thing that might come from Mitt Buddy-Buddy-With-Michael-Chertoff Romney being elected POTUS is that Obama-squad mainstream lib-Dems may see cause to side against TSA when another member of Bush 2's party is in office (TSA under their guy = bad!). Of course, that's assuming that the mainstream Republican base doesn't flip-flop as well and say "TSA under our guy = good!"

    Of course, this all leaves aside the issue of why we'd bother listening to the opinions of a Hollywood actor, who likely flies on a private plane, regarding an agency that, while it is the absolute scum of the Earth, generally doesn't interfere with private aviation. To say that he's out of touch would be a good start but a gross understatement.
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  3. Oh yeah, I've thought he was a d-bag as far back as Chasing Amy. I've never seen the appeal. And who calls something a "MacGuffin" anymore, anyway?
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    "Hollywood" people.
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    And another one here. But PLEASE let's not start the whole political debate again. This is about the only place I can think of on the planet where righties and lefties actually agree on something. Let's try to keep it that way.

    Too bad Ben Affleck is so dismally misinformed and oblivious to what we hoi polloi have to go through to fly. I think he means well, but on this topic he is just wrong wrong wrong.

  6. Fixed it for you.
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    Huffington Post has a section dedicated to TSA and has been a leading critic of TSA. Even Chris Elliot has a regular piece there. Of course everyone knows that HuffPo is a front for the conservative right-wing establishment.

    Ironically, Fox has been kinder to TSA than Huff Po, CNN or MSNBC. But then again I doubt Affleck reads much.

    What an idiot.

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