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  1. Doober

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    Just venting - my Best Buy/Brother saga:

    I recently purchased a Samsung Chromebook. The learning curve is steep, especially for an old fogey.

    Knowing I needed a printer that can cloud print, I researched on line and decided to get a particular Brother machine. Last Friday I went to the “local” - 22 miles away - Best Buy store and got the machine. I took out a Best Buy credit card in order to take advantage of a discount on the machine and the ink if I did so. I was assured the machine would work with a Chromebook.

    Came home and got the all-in-one printer hooked up. It worked beautifully with Windows 7 but I could not get it to print from the Chromebook. After a weekend of e-mailing back and forth with Brother, I finally called them Monday morning and eventually was told that no Brother machines are compatible with the Chrome OS.

    I took the printer back on Monday and bought an Epson machine, which I was again assured would work with Chrome OS. My smartphone was, as usual, giving me fits so I could not look on the Epson website to determine whether or not it would work.

    Got home and got on the Epson site only to once again learn that this printer was not compatible with the OS. I called Best Buy and asked them to determine if they had a printer in the store that would work with this OS. Yes, they would find that out and call me back.

    In the meantime, I called B & H and asked for a printer compatible with my OS. The immediately rattled off a list of machines that would work and I ordered a particular one.

    By Tuesday, Best Buy had not returned my call so I called them back and spoke to the same person I’d spoken to on Monday. She told me they had no machines in the store compatible with Chrome OS.

    Yesterday, Wednesday, I returned the Epson to Best Buy. As I was standing and waiting for service, I noticed a Chromebook display and on a shelf under the display, what do I see but a printer compatible with the Chrome OS! In fact, it was the very machine I have on order with B and H.

    When the clerk came to give me my credit, I pointed out to him that although I’d been told there were no computers in stock like I needed, I was looking at one at that very moment. He grunted at me and proceeded to make the exchange.

    But in doing so he asked to see my DL. I told him “no” I would not give it to him. I was told that I would not get credit then because they needed to SCAN my DL in order to complete the transaction.

    That did it for me. I will no longer buy anything from Best Buy. No wonder they are in such trouble.

    end of rant.

    If you persevered, thank you for "listening."
  2. Mike

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    Best Buy has left a bad taste in our mouths too many times. They are our big box store of penultimate resort.

    On top of the other shenanigans, those in-store credit cards (sometimes it's easy to cave in to the pressure -- Target really took my wife for a ride a year ago) don't help your credit status one bit.

    When they scanned your license, the info most likely went into a database of serial merchandise returners that is shared with other companies. I'll bet they didn't disclose that to you!
  3. CelticWhisper

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    Same reason I don't buy wine (or anything alcoholic) at Trader Joe's anymore. They insisted on physically holding my DL when I checked out, and not realizing what they were going to do (and idiotically assuming it was some stupid empty-gesture regulation) I let them. They scanned the 2D barcode on the back.

    Next time I went in it took 2 minutes of badgering by my girlfriend and me to get them to just look at the DOB on the front of the card.

    Since then I've joined a wine club at a local franchised wine shop (WineStyles - they rock) and get all my fermented grape juice from them instead. Hassle-free and they're always happy to see me and make pleasant conversation.

    Not just TJ's either. IKEA just recently managed to get off my "Do not buy even if your life depends on it" list by getting rid of their receipt checkers. Not sure what's so difficult for businesses to understand about this. Don't jerk your customers around and they'll stay your customers. Make them jump through hoops and they WILL tell you to GFY.
  4. DeafBlonde

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    My local Wal-Mart recently stopped the "receipt carnival." I guess someone finally pointed out to some lawyer and/or judge that they "randomly" checked only the receipts of "persons of color." I had noticed this years ago when I kept getting waved through the receipt check without them even looking closely at it. One day I turned around and noticed they were closely checking a hispanic woman's receipt who was exiting the store right behind me. :oops:
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  5. Mike

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    Never seen a "receipt carnival" at a WalMart.

    Used to have them at Comp-USA but they are history.

    They have them at CostCo here but they just mark the receipts, barely paying attention to the merchandise.
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  6. RB

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    They count the items in the basket at our Costco. I once threatened to return the whole basket because the lady was not able to count.
  7. nachtnebel

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    best buy is called amazon's showroom for a reason. people look at the product there and then buy it at a discount on amazon. best buy is getting more aggressive on their pricing lately it seems.

    Some store chains, maybe more than a few, scan licenses on returned items, to track frequent returners. it's a requirement to get items returned at these places. I'd rather not do business with those companies.
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