Beyond the Gate: Who Has Access to Your Baggage?

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    Worthless space-filling blather ...

    Ozarks First: Beyond the Gate: Who Has Access to Your Baggage?


    Boyd says in this day and age the bags must be accessible to the TSA agents so they go can go through them. But the agents aren't the only ones that could get to your stuff. "That means it's accessible to everybody, not just the TSA," says Boyd. "It's airline employees. It's the TSA employees -- a lot of folks who work for restaurants who work for news stands all of these people have access."


    Bottom line, the airport reminds travelers to remember the goal of airport security is not keep to keep things in the bag. It's to keep the dangerous things out, so keep your valuable possessions close.

    [Where's that middle-finger icon when I need it?]


    -Passengers should consider using TSA recognized locks on their bags. These locks can be opened and re|locked by our officers if a physical inspection is required.

    [You mean the locks that TSA always cuts off because they're too lazy to use their keys?]
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    Travel with a starter pistol and declare it when you check your baggage. That way you can use a real lock and if they want to inspect it, it has to be in your presence.

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