Big BDO catch at Portland goes down the toilet

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    Mail Tribune: Charges dropped in airport planter gun case

    Charges have been dismissed against an Eagle Point man who hid a gun in a planter box at Portland International Airport earlier this summer. Soren Muir Johnson, 69, was at the airport preparing to travel to the Philippines on June 24 when he remembered he still had his loaded .22-caliber pistol with him.


    When a TSA behavior detection officer spotted him, Johnson was arrested by police on a misdemeanor charge of reckless endangerment and taken to Multnomah County Jail. Johnson pleaded not guilty to the charge a day after being arrested, and was permitted to travel to the Philippines, where he said he was working to help out his family in the country. Charges were dismissed against Johnson on Aug. 28, and his gun was returned to him, court records show.

    And from one of TSA's resident assphats ...

    A TSA spokeswoman said Tuesday the rules on guns are simple, but suggested TSA didn't consider Johnson's actions to be threatening. "We say just don't bring them to a checkpoint," Lorie Dankers of TSA said. "But people do forget." "This received a lot of attention," Dankers said of Johnson's case. "Always check (guns) legally before you travel."

    Whether you think it was "threatening" is irrelevant. He didn't bring the weapon to the checkpoint, and concealed carry in the non-secured areas of an airport is legal in Oregon. He was trying to securely hide the gun during his overseas trip, and it seems that the prosecutor and/or courts must have agreed that he did not act irresponsibly.

    He forgot that he had it with him. Checking a gun in baggage isn't workable when your destination (oversease in this case) might not appreciate your unexpected arrival with a weapon.

    Also one day older, shorter version of the same article ...

    Mail Tribune: Charge dismissed against man who hid gun at airport

    And on if the above links go bad: Charges Dropped in Oregon Airport Planter Gun Case
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    This shows there are so many (real) hole in this security theater that there are not enough electrons in the universe to compose a response to address them all.

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