Bill from that state that begins with a "T" is being resurrected

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Doober, Jun 8, 2011.

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    From the article here, it seems that TSA has backed itself into a corner.

    Essentially in threatening to close air traffic in Texas, TSA has stated that they must touch genitals as a condition of travel. How else are we supposed to interpret those actions?

    While the bill is supposedly watered down with the addition of an informed consent clause, the issue isn't really whether or not the bill, if passed, would be enforced.

    The issue is that there is clear and growing unrest with these policies. Pistole is a political animal. He can't ignore this much longer. Either way, I think his chances for future career advancement are over.
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    Let's go directly to primary sources & not repost/relink FT when we can avoid it.
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    I'm very happy to see Texas push back. If they're successful, I know other states will follow which means the momentum could bring sweeping changes and it all started again because of grass roots organizations...

    From the article... “I didn’t organize it,” Simpson said. “It was organized by five or six grass roots organizations — 200 to 300 people showed up, and they were from all parts of the spectrum.... They gave me a standing ovation, the place just erupted.”

    Love this!

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    While it can definitely seem like we are in the minority, this just proves that the voice against TSA is building. Very pleased to see how people are coming together. Forgetting their differences is good for our country, and I hope this goes a long way!

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    Not a problem. Actually, I thought about that as I posted as I thought that probably all of us, except LeeAnne, had probably read it. Then again, if I see something that he has posted and then post it as my own over here, it makes it seem as if I found it, when that is far from being true. Does anyone object to asking Fisher1949 to share his wonderful finds over here?
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    Agreed. It will just take one state to successfully pass one. There are (I think) 9 more in the wings I imagine will gain traction once Texas is successful. Look at what happened with RealID.

    There's also a rally in NYC tomorrow to ask why the city ordinance there was never even introduced. The more visibility this gets, the better.
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    Here's a link to a petition from New Jersey that is open for individuals from all over to sign:
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    Signed it - these are the kinds of sites I'd like to see organized in a sticky...Mike?
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    Thursday flying out of DFW, it was clear the TSA was 'preparing' for this bill to pass. They were requesting that people who opted out of the MMW strip search sit down and listen to a description of the so-called pat down so as to give 'informed consent.'

    They actually used the term 'informed consent' with my coworker.
  11. Doober

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    How did they respond? Did they consent under the condition that their genitals were not touched?
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    Maybe they're having second thought about relying on federal supremacy vs. the 10th amendment? Sounds to me like TSA is starting to blink.
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    I'd be interested in knowing how they plan on handling (pun intended) this touchy issue...I can't help myself
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  14. mozgytog

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    He said they gave him pretty much the same spiel as always, no mention of genitals, and he told them to just get in with it because he just wanted to get past them to have dinner with the rest of us.

    He said they didn't grab his balls, though.

    This coworker didn't know about the bill. I told him after he was relating the whole 'please sit so I can explain the pat down and you can give informed consent.' thing. So yes, it looks like someone has a fear that the aren't protected by qualified immunity, and I doubt it was some random TSA employee on the front line that managed to make up that procedure.

    Someone had to have told the rank and file to give that speech.

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