Billary Nat'l Airport Closed Because Even TSA's Dogs Can't Get It Right [LIT]

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    KATV: Bomb Sniffing Dog makes a hit on package at Airport

    Update: The Bill and Hilary Clinton National Airport has been re-opened. Both an ATF and a TSA dog keyed in on a piece of luggage. Following an x|ray, the bomb squad determined no explosive device was inside, however, because the dogs continued to hit on the scent, the TSA and FBI did take samples from the luggage to determine to what it may have been exposed. Airlines are working with passengers delayed by the hour-and-a-half closure to get them to their destinations.
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    Fido is not a stupid dog (his trainer may be). Fido just wanted a treat, so he figured out the best way to get one. Most explosive sniffing dogs have to be trained so that they find at least one thing each time they go to work (even if it's purposely planted). That way the dog doesn't get discouraged, and remains diligent to the task. I think the trainer may have neglected this part of the SOP and Fido got fed up with it!

    At least we know that this pooch has greater cognitave powers than the average smurfchen...
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    Probably ham sandwich residue or smell of the dooby that the pax smoked prior to making his way to the grope station.
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