Bismarck: Man clears security, boards plane with wrong boarding pass

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    Officials review alleged security snafu at airport

    The manager of the Bismarck airport and federal officials say they're investigating the report of a man who says he was allowed to board a plane to Denver with someone else's ticket. Mick Turner, of Bismarck, said that he received the wrong boarding pass when he checked in for the July 10 flight, and then made it past the security checkpoint and onto the plane. Turner says he didn't realize he had the wrong boarding pass until he got to his seat. He told a flight attendant about the mistake and was asked to leave the plane.

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    The security concern is a big farce. As long as he was properly screened at the security checkpoint, he's not a threat. ID checking is all about revenue protection for the airlines -- preventing people from sharing & redistributing tickets.

    However, if the guy had a return ticket pending, he's probably lucky he was asked to get off. It would have been voided (more revenue protection) had he not checked in & flown on his own ticket.

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