Canada Blacks targeted for harassment & strip searches at Ottawa airport [YOW]

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    CBC: Ottawa airport strip search prompts racism allegations: Border agency says it doesn't use racial profiling

    Kerwin Dougan of Voyages G Travel, the agency that sold Archer her tickets, said the Ottawa airport has a bad reputation for targeting blacks.

    Dougan said he has worked as a travel agent for two decades and heard dozens of cases similar to Archer's, mainly among black clients. That's why he encouraged Archer to go public with her story.


    "People always say in this world that Canada is not racist," he added. "I'm sorry, I sit behind this desk and I see it."
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    Look at this (expletive deleted). Luckily, so far he's gotten 5 thumbs-down. Give him a few more:
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    Yvette Bradley lost her lawsuit -- judge said that even though she was appallingly treated, tough (expletive deleted), the govt has immunity. Still looking for latest, updated info on the class action lawsuits the ACLU has filed on behalf of over 1,000 black women who've been similarly abused by U.S. Customs.

    In other words, American citizens, screw you!
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    The federal judiciary has become irrelevant; the Consitution is simply ignored now, with the result that the federal government is no longer legitimate. The states need to sh*tcan the whole mess and start over. The financial collapse that appears to be coming faster now (Spanish banks seizing up due to lack of credit, Europe in a panic, requiring QE to infinity) will provide a starting point to such reflections on the state and local level. Look at what's going on in Greece: that's where we're headed.

    Indeed. "We understand you are upset with our hands all over your body, forcing the clothes off of you and peeping in your orifaces with a flashlight, but screw you. We gotta job to do. We need to play gotcha on everyone, no matter what the impact is on YOU. Tough beans"

    Better to legalize than to treat innocent people like this.

    edited to fix typo and insert link to increasing crisis in Greece
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    But this incident occurred in Canada to a Canadian black returning from Jamaica ... What do Yvette Bradley and U.S. Customs, judiciary, etc., have to do with this?

    Please note the prefix button on the thread title that says "Canada".
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    Sorry, I was just trying to point out similarities.
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