Blaming the victim yet again

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Doober, Mar 16, 2012.

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    Similar thing happened to Amy Alkon's boyfriend a few years ago. The TSA accused him of stealing his own watch. And there's yet another similar story somewhere in the Master List. Sorry, can't keep up with them all; there are too many.

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    P.S. Again, I have to ask, as I have so many times before, why are people shocked by this? The writer says he and his partner were "stunned." Yes, it's wrong, yes, he's out 700 bucks, yes, the TSA doesn't give a (expletive deleted) -- even worse, they tried to blame him -- and yes, this kind of thing happens every day, to hundreds of people all over the country.

    Why don't people wake up to what's going on??

    Sexual assault is just fine. But steal their expensive electronics? That makes them mad.

    (Oh, and again, SFO -- privatized screeners. Makes no difference.)
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    The guy should have asked someone (anyone) to call his phone and see if it rang and just happened to be in a nearby pocket.
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    Agreed. We have done just that at our checkpoints several times.

    One thing I will say about the xray of the bag afterwards, we have done this in an attempt to help folks find things that we are unable to find in the checkpoints - I have never seen it forced on anyone, but many times we offer to do it in case the item is in a larger compartment inside the bag. If we look all around the checkpoint and the phone is not to be found, then we offer to run their tiems through the xray again to see if maybe it is somewhere inside that they missed.
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    ...or in someone's keester? ;)
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    I think it's because it's so unexpected - until it happens to you (and by 'you', I mean 'one'). You just don't expect people in positions of authority to blatantly steal from you. TSA agents are dressed as police officers, and some large segment of the population see that uniform and equate it with law enforcement. You just don't expect a cop to reach into your bag or suitcase or whatever and steal your phone.

    I don't think people think it's okay. The ones who haven't complained for the most part haven't had it done to them. Even so, some people are so afraid of terrorists that they put up with the assault in the desperate hope that the assault will keep them safe.

    I think that's the difference -- people convince themselves the sexual assaults are necessary, but that theft is never necessary.
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    What is wrong with you people? Of course things are going to go missing in this post 9-11 world while the TSA makes us feel safe! If you're so important that you need a cell phone when you travel, get a TracFone at the dollar store!
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    Well....why should we wear clothes when we travel? if we have to take off everything down to the last layer, be scanned by a machines that looks at us in the skin, and have every inch of our body rubbed my a blue gloved *******-why bother wearing any piece of clothing at all?:rolleyes:
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    Thereby becoming a suspected terrorist for having a "throwaway phone". :td:
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