Bleat-up on Martha's Vineyard ferry: Ferry passengers take security exercise in stride

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    Martha's Vineyard Times: Ferry passengers take security exercise in stride

    Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officers searched bags chosen at random, tested for explosives, and asked passengers for photo identification. The scrutiny was similar to security at airports, though not as restrictive.

    A TSA spokesman said the exercise will help security officials be prepared, if a security threat is uncovered.

    And the sheep took it ever so bleatingly:

    "I don't mind at all," Marie St. Pierre said, after she produced a photo ID and boarded the ferry to return to her house in Assonet. "With the acts of terrorism going on, I'd rather be safe than sorry."

    Would 9/11 have been prevented if TSA had been on the scene to check their valid IDs?
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    Like to see them try that crap in Seattle with all the commuters after a long day at work.
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    Absolutely! You should have read the rant that I posted on the Houston METRO website when that nozzle Sheeeela Jackson-Lee was boasting about the TSA partnering with METRO popo to ... ?... I don't know what the f**k they were trying to do, except harrass law abiding citizens riding on public transportation. Sheesh!

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    I don't think it happens very often in spite of this article (from 2004). I don't ride the ferries very often, but I've never encountered a search. I haven't seen it in SF on the ferries either.
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    (Will they throw him a life ring or a cinder block?)
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    Life-Ring made of concrete? Aim for the head... Aim for the head.
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    Bucket of chum. Swim faster, little smurf.
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