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    Turns out the blogger of Taking Sense Away was actually a current TSA screener until recently:

    When I started this blog, my greatest worry was that no one would find it. Then, after the blog caught media attention, my greatest worry became that the TSA would find me: I was blogging as a current TSA employee, not a “former TSA employee,” up until a few days ago.​
    It was the TSA’s use of the full-body scanners that prompted me to first speak out and voice my opinion that the technology represented a wasteful, reckless, and unnecessary infringement upon people’s privacy; an opinion informed by several years’ experience operating the full body scanners, and it is for similar reasons that I am making this confession today— in light of the fact that now, the public finally has the chance to voice its opinion on the matter.
    Though my primary goal with this blog is to bring some levity to my experiences as a TSA employee, the TSA’s mission to make the scanners the primary mode of screening is the one thing in which I have been unable to find much humor.

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    Further, there are thoughts in this most recent blog comment that are useful for the current comment period on NBS.
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    Good point. We'll have to make use of them.

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