Bloomberg News: Too many holes in TSA policy, security

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Mike, Jan 9, 2012.

  1. Mike

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    From the Bend (OR) Bulletin ....

    Too many holes in TSA policy, security

    Nor can the Nude-O-Scopes. They admitted long ago that the Nude-O-Scopes would not have detected the underwear bomber.
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    I don't know why I haven't posted this before, but I think an important piece of information that gets lost in talking about these machines is the reality of what the Underwear Bomber did or didn't experience on his flight to the US.

    For some time, which would include the period of time that the AMS-DTW flight in question operated, flights to the US from international gateways received additional security scrutiny. To the best of my knowledge, AMS was using the MMW w/ ATR machines for pre-flight security long before this particular incident, and was certainly using one of these infernal machines for this flight.

    The Underwear Bomber either went through this level of security, which means that MMW w/ ATR is incapable of detecting such things.

    Or, if you believe Detroit attorney Kurt Haskell, he somehow circumvented the machine entirely.

    Either way, it is obvious that the damn things don't work.
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    There were some installed at AMS at that time but I never saw them in use. The machines spent most of their time looking pretty while a monitor overhead played a propaganda loop about the wonders of electronic strip-searching.,
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    I'm gonna be sick.
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  6. barbell

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    With a little planning, it is actually quite easy to avoid these machines entirely.

    For instance, I have a trip planned for later this month. Two actually.

    The first actually takes as long to fly as it does to drive when factoring in drive to the airport, waiting in line, moseying through the theatre, awaiting a certified groper, getting groped, getting myself put back together, waiting at the gate since I had to be there early enough to anticipate any delays like additional people flying or decreased staffing any of which would clearly be my fault not that of a "valuable" and "important" A.S.S. brigade, waiting for my checked luggage on the other end, getting to the hotel. So instead I'm driving.

    The second will allow me to drive 1.5 hours to a NoS-free airport that never has a line to enter the theatre (weird), and almost immediately board a plane to connect back through to my home airport. So in essence the additional 2 hours I need to go through the whole rigmarole can instead be spent productively driving to an airport with no NoS whatsoever.

    Imagine if an actual terrorist with a bomb in his panties figured out this scheme. I'm glad they appear to be as dumb as Robin Kane. What an (expletive deleted) moron that guy is.

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