Bloomberg News: TSA pat-down horror stories prompt private-screener plan

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  1. Mike

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    Please just get rid of them yesterday ....

    Bloomberg News: TSA pat-down horror stories prompt private-screener plan

    The congressman who held 22 hearings over a year and a half that tracked public backlash against the Transportation Security Administration says he's ready to offer legislation to save the agency from itself.

    "The truth is this is a very dangerous world," Rep. Mike Rogers, chairman of the House Transportation Security Subcommittee, said in an interview. "TSA not surviving isn't an option. We have got to make it, though, smarter and leaner."

    The Alabama Republican said he plans to offer a proposal next year, and its chances will improve if Republicans win control of the Senate in the November elections. The legislation would be shaped to force change onto a reluctant agency and congressional Democrats while blunting calls from within his own party to eliminate the TSA altogether, he said.

    The legislation would give airports more power to hire private contractors for screening and make it tougher for the TSA to refuse, Rogers says. It also would scale back passenger pat-downs; require changes in how the agency buys screening equipment; mandate periodic reassessments of security procedures; and possibly eliminate the agency's list of items that can't be carried onto planes, he said.
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    I feel like a broken record.

    It doesn't matter whose name is on the paycheck. If the protocols from TSA's "brain trust" insist on electronic strip search or genital fondling, privatizing screeners won't make a lick of difference. Not one.
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    Quote in the article from Kippie:

    I'm certain the TSA has page upon page of scenarios designed to frighten Congress into refraining from trying to rein in this agency and Congress falls for them each time.

    I think I've asked this before, but is it my imagination or has Pissy been very quiet over the last several months? I'm wondering if he has been told that he will resign after the election if the current administration stays in office.
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    Is it any safer than, say, Europe, where they have had more recent terrorist attacks than we have had (eg, bombings in London). Yet they do not sexually abuse people like the US screeners do. I'm not getting the link between potential danger and the actual sexual molestation TSA thinks (and this Congressman, evidently) is necessary.
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    God damn you, Mike Rogers. Yes it is. TSA not surviving IS an option.

    (expletive deleted).
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    CW, why don't you just come right out and say what you (and most of us) are thinking? Why beat around the bush? ;)
  7. Frank

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    Because if the C4 scare doesn't work, they can always fall back on "we can find child porn on your personal computer any time we feel like it".
  8. Frank

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    He has no fear of losing the November election, so he can get away with this :trash: .

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