Bloomberg News used network of 300,000 terminals to spy on people

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    This should put the apparent lack of respect on the part of the Despot Of New York for privacy & civil rights in proper perspective. If he doesn't care about the privacy of his own business customers, why should give a hoot about New Yorkers?

    Breitbart: 'Terminal Spying' Began On Mayor Michael Bloomberg's Watch

    It is like something out of a sci-fi/horror film. A huge corporation gets over 300,000 computer terminals into the offices of the most powerful people in the worlds of finance, politics, media, and even the Vatican. Then this huge corporation uses those terminals to snoop on its unsuspecting subscribers. And now we know that this nightmare began during the watch of Michael Bloomberg, who is now the mayor of New York.

    Monday morning, Bloomberg News editor-in-chief Matthew Winkler confessed to almost everything in an editorial. Yes, Winkler admits, Bloomberg News reporters have been snooping into the activities of Bloomberg Terminal subscribers. And yes, the snooping included contact information, log-in information, and what their clients searched for (in other words: what they were interested in). Other outlets have reported that the snooping included chats between subscribers and customer service representatives.

    Winkler also admits that this indefensible behavior was used by Bloomberg News reporters to hunt for scoops. For example, if an executive at a top financial firm hadn't logged on in a while, that might tell a reporter that this individual is no longer employed, sick, or sleeping at his desk. Apparently, Bloomberg News used this secret information to break the news about a recent trading loss that cost Goldman Sachs billions.

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    Breitbart: Report: Bloomberg News Snooping Included Bernanke, Geithner

    According to The New York Times, the snooping done by Bloomberg News reporters to subscribers of the 300,000-plus Bloomberg terminals that provide instant financial news to executives and staffers of Wall Street clients such as Goldman Sachs, was so systemic and ingrained, that learning how to snoop was an informal but accepted part of newsroom training ...

    What you have to do is to imagine you are a Bloomberg customer paying $20,000 a year to have access to the terminals that made Mayor Michael Bloomberg worth around $25 billion. You are coughing up a premium price for instant market analysis, news, and information. But at the same time, unbeknownst to you, the Bloomberg News division is accessing your activity on the terminal; a reporter is looking up how frequently you logged in, what you searched for, and monitoring your chats with Bloomberg customer service representatives.

    Now, as an American, consider the fact that these terminals are not only used by Wall Street traders and executives, but are also found in other news organizations, the Vatican, and Congress.

    CNBC is reporting that the spying included terminals used by Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke and former U.S. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, and that this snooping occurred "a number of times."
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    Disgusting and perhaps illegal? maybe the subscribers can claw back some of Reichsfuhrer Bloomberg's billions.
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    I believe the title used in occupied territories (e.g. New York City :D) was Reichskommissar.
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