Bloomberg's "army" spying on Muslim groups

Discussion in 'Civil Rights & Privacy' started by Doober, Feb 21, 2012.

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    Once again, please forgive formatting.

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    Thanks for catching this. I saw the headline, never got to it, then forgot about it ... :(
  3. Mike

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    This from the same fascists that illegally stop & frisks hundreds of thousands of victims annually.

    When we get BlockDHS up & running, we will give people the tools they need to obstruct & harass these incursions.

    I need more spare time!!!
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  4. Mike

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    Weren't these the same bozos who were caught spying deep in New Jersey when a concerned neighbor ("If you see something, say something." :D) reported their suspicicous behavior?
  5. Mike

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    Associated Press: NYPD surveillance of students called 'disgusting'

    "Disgusting" is an understatement.

    If I ran these schools (esp. the private institutions not in NY), I would look at serving "no trespass" papers on the NYPD and follow up with civil suits if there is shown to be subsequent presence or surveillance activity on school property.
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  6. Mike

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    It gets worse ....

    CBS Local Washington: White House Pumped Millions Into NYPD’s Muslim Surveillance Programs

    They misappropriate drug-fighting funds for this. It's not clear if the misappropriation has the blessing of Congress or not.

  7. Doober

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    Yep, they were spying in New Brunswick and never informed the FBI or the New Brunswick police about their activities.
  8. Sunny Goth

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    That's a twisty way of looking at the Freedom of Information Act, which he's trying to make people think of in his quote. Interesting use of 'public domain' too.

    Mayor Bloomberg, Duke of New York said:
    "If going on websites and looking for information is not what Yale stands for, I don’t know," said Bloomberg. "It’s the freedom of information ... Of course we’re gonna look at anything that’s publicly available and in the public domain. We have an obligation to do so. And it is to protect the very things that let Yale survive."​
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    Good. They were told this stupid program would impede cooperation and they went ahead with it anyway.

    What these thugs don't realize is that people don't like to be treated like (expletive deleted). Keep up your "surveillance," you bozos. It'll come back to bite you on the (expletive deleted). Just like that drone did the other day in Texas.
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    Same kind of rubbish that led to the strip-searches on 9/11/11.
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  12. Sunny Goth

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  13. RB

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    So the FBI is pissed because NYPD's spying is messing up the FBI's spying.
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    Drug-fighting funds are a double-edged sword:
    Exclusive: Why Can’t You Smoke Pot? Because Lobbyists Are Getting Rich Off of the War on Drugs

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