Boggie Dog Suspended...and Other War Crimes and Atrocities

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  1. Mike

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    It isn't a matter of "one negative experience", it's repeated experiences over time dealing with Neanderthals who somehow survived extinction.

    The occasional once a year traveler might have "one negative experience". My wife & I used to fly somewhere about 30 times a year, which translates into at least 60 interfaces annaully with TSA.

    TSA as an organization is a total failure. If they didn't have a captive "customer" base (the word "customer" in this context is a farce, given that nobody in his right mind would voluntarily choose to be irradiated, groped, poked & possibly needing delousing), they would have been out of business by 2003.
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  2. Rugape

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    We have one at ours, but I can't speak for other locations. Even if it is simply the list of IDs from the website (which is public forum material) it would cover the aforementioned IDs. Check it:
  3. Rugape

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    I am not privvy to the process outside of hearing things here and there. I am truly not certain about the time frame of development, I am not in a position where I do the patdowns, but I know there was training ahead of the intiation date - not certain how far ahead though.
  4. N965VJ

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    Oh, how I am not looking forward to Risk Based Screening.


    I can see it as some animals being more equal than others, and that is not what this country is supposed to be about. Second, I can see where personal information would have to be submitted for inclusion. Third, the next time some idiot decides to try and light his underpants on fire the whole program goes out the window. So we shred the notion that "All men are created equal" while surrendering more of our privacy.

    So even if the underpants bomb fizzles out again, a bunch of guys in caves will still be high-fiving each other.
  5. RB

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    I know what the list says.

    The problem which TSA seems reluctant to correct is that TSA employees who have been qualified to do the TDC job don't know what's on the list.
    I can only conclude that pencil whipping training is the norm for TSA.
  6. RB

    RB Founding Member

    I find it hard to believe that TSA doesn't have a policy on this requiring certain materials, such as a list of ID's, to be available at the TDC podium.
    Something so simple yet TSA would rather strip search 86 year old grannies than formulate working policies for TSA checkpoints.
    I'm at a loss of words for just how dysfunctional TSA really is. There is no excuse for any group of people to do what TSA is doing.
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  7. LeeAnne

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    Interesting position coming from someone who sexually assaults innocent people as his chosen vocation. :rolleyes: Sorry but you lost all credibility here long ago. Nothing that comes out of your keyboard can ever be assumed to be even in the same family as "facts".

    As for demeaning and degrading...anyone who would choose to do what you do, and responds to passengers (ostensibly your "customers") with as much derision and downright nastiness as you do, deserves every bit of it...and more.
  8. Sunny Goth

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    Ron said:

    Only emotionally crippled individuals would support that position LeAnne, which is why I do not find it surprising coming from you.

    He was referring to a comment by LeeAnne about the perverts in the ranks of the TSA.

    His comment above screams that he has no empathy for people. For the sake of argument assume that we need the TSA and that they do what they do to keep us safe (<-- which is a cringe-worthy statement, I know). Also for the sake of argument let's assume that the pat downs are also needed (<--also cringe-worthy).

    It seems to me that the normal response to seeing a passenger in distress during the patdown procedure would be to try to calm the passenger, explain the procedure, to try to validate the passenger - in short, be a human being. This is not a custodial situation, passengers are not under arrest when they go through a checkpoint. This is supposed to be an administrative search.

    When I see a response like Ron's all I can think is, wow, who is the emotionally crippled person here? There was no acknowledgement that what happened to her was a horrible thing, and not one shred of empathy for her feelings.

    But -- Ron's response is typical of what we hear Pistole and his minions say in the press every time a passenger is abused and speaks out. All I can conclude is that the majority of people hired by the TSA are hired for this personality deficiency, this lack of empathy. They probably don't even regard passengers as human - otherwise how can you possibly justify the kinds of shocking treatment that passengers receive?

    Ron said again:

    The fat is that master’s degrees and doctorates are far more common in the TSA than anyone here could ever guess. I work with several people who have master’s degrees in fields not associated with their duties, and one or two who have just such a degree. Of course Associates degrees and Bachelor’s degrees are the most common, but just about everyone I work with has some higher education.

    Ted Kaczynski was a math professor. I don't think anyone would say that his degree somehow meant that he was fit as a human being.
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  9. Rugape

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    I can give you no reason why there seems to be so many complaints about claiming certain IDs are invalid - there is no good reason available. Pencil whipping may be the case, but not knowing the valid IDs is just not acceptable. Even if you don't know them by heart, you should have at a minimum, a list of valid IDs onhand for the TDC to consult in the case of a question. These items are covered in the training we recieve every year.
  10. Rugape

    Rugape Original Member

    I can understand that point of view. I don't know enough about the system to agree or disagree yet, as we have not begun the program in earnest. It could be that the program allows for some of the changes that many here clamor for, but I am not certain at this point. I like the idea of moving more towards a risk based system, but the risk level goes up a notch when you move this direction. I don't think there is a perfect answer for all the differing concerns in the flying public/TSA HQ. I will withhold judgement until I have more info. You could be right, but you could be wrong as well.
  11. Doober

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    IOW, the Joe Average will suffer more at the hands of the TSA than he would have otherwise.

    Rugape, could you make an observation on the incident of the 85 year old woman who suffered the wound during screening?
  12. Doober

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  13. Rugape

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    I am not certain on that, hence the reason I am holding off on being happy or unhappy, I simply don't know enough about it to comment coherently.

    Not at this time, I only have the info from the pressers, and indications from the TSA spokesperson are that SOP was followed and vid showed nothing with respect to the walker/injury claim. I hope to have more info on this by Monday, but I wouldn't hold my breath.
  14. Mike

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    Every time you respond to him, LeeAnne, you feed the troll a fresh, warm meal.
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  15. Lisa Simeone

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    Blah blah blah blah blah.

    The same old (expletive deleted).

    "We don't know enough," "the facts aren't in," "I hope to have more info (but I know I won't)," blah blah blah.

    It would be laughable the number of times this crap is trotted out, except for the fact that it's so old. We've heard it so many times before. The same lies, the same fake concern, the same Orwellian doublespeak. "Proper procedures were followed." Of course. That's what the glorious TSA says -- that's what they always say -- and how could it be otherwise?

    The thousands of accounts of abuse that Fisher and I have compiled -- thousands upon thousands -- that represent, logically (oops, sorry -- I know logic isn't allowed), many thousands more -- all that evidence is meaningless.
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  16. Lisa Simeone

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  17. RB

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    I agree with everything you stated. This problem is not acceptable.

    That means something about the TSA process is broken. This type of issue should be core SOP and not left up to any local interpretation. Any TSA employee who cannot do a certain task they have been signed off as qualified to do should be fired on the spot and the person who says the person is qualified should be investigated and disciplined.

    In my opinion this is just one of many indicators proving that TSA is manage poorly. Further proof that TSA's Administrator John Pistole is incompetent.

    One letter from Pistole to all FSD's could fix this today but he seems more interested in feeling up little boys, little girls, and strip searching 85 year old grannies.
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  18. RB

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    TSA's boilerplate excuse that "SOP was correctly followed" doesn't cut it. Something happened in this case. What reason would the lady have for being dishonest?

    I can come up with many reasons that TSA would be dishonest and believe that to be the case.

    Ever since TSA claimed the Strip Search Machine images were suitable for viewing by young children anything stated by TSA is very questionable for being truthful.
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  19. Mike

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    And the boilerplate is repeated so often as to be meaningless.
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  20. Rugape

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    I do not know what happened, and speaking other than what has been published would be jumping to conclusions. There is at least one account out there that has someone from TSA saying that no strip search was performed. I do my best to not jump without facts being in order.

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