Bomb threat at Tallahassee airport

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    WCTV: Police Respond to Threat at Tallahassee Airport

    The interruption of service at the Tallahassee Regional Airport was due to the threat of explosive devices. An unknown male caller reported two ‘bombs’ had been left on the premises, one inside the terminal and one in the parking lot. The Tallahassee Police Department along with members of the Big Bend Regional Bomb Squad partnered to sweep the entire premises and determined the area to be deemed safe. The airport returned to normal operations after the protective sweeps. (Tallahassee Police Department Release)
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    Har-har. See something say something right?

    The more disruption the better. Maybe if this circus reaches everyone who flies the sheep will start to wake up.
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    can we say ramping up of false flags ahead of the election??????????
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    Not that they really need it. The Romney campaign is so dead the Mormon Church just baptized it. :D
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    You nearly owed me a new keyboard with that one.
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    May I suggest this... I have one at home just for these purposes, in addition to the screen protectors as I have shot drinks all over the screen and keyboard more then once.
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