Boom boom day for the Smurfchen: TSA shows even smallest terrorist devices pack a wallop

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Mike, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. Mike

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    I was on my 'droid at the time, so here are more details:

    All passenger aircraft with 2 or 3 engines must be able to operate under any conditions with just one engine. If a 737 engine goes out after you reach V1 (the go/no go point at which the aircraft is usually going to take off no matter what), the aircraft must be able to complete the take off on the remaining engine.

    Four-engine aircraft must be able to function with two engines out. In practice, a 747 can usually fly on just one engine, but if you screw up the landing, you probably won't have a go-around.

    The only exception to this that I'm aware of is the Embraer 120 (twin turbo prop). A Delta Connection E-120 crashed a few years ago after a failed engine did not fully separate and fall off (normal design with jets including turbo props) because the propeller became embedded in the leading edge of the wing. The resulting drag was more than the remaining engine could overcome, and the plane crashed. Embraer begged & whined that they couldn't fix the design problem, and the FAA amended the E-120's airworthiness certificate to exclude the requirement that it must survive the catastrophic failure of a single engine. So think twice before you buy a ticket on one of those suckers ...
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    I love this quote from Michael Walsh, supervisory transportation security specialist-explosive at Newark Airport:
    Duh, Michael, fireworks are loud, at least the ones that I've heard!
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  3. Rugape

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    I understand what you are saying, and I merely point out some angles I had not seen posted here before. This info above is a political/head shed argument that is way above my pay grade.
  4. Rugape

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    Again, I merely pointed out that the intent I have always gotten out of this training is awareness not fear.

    Detonating explosives in any forum is by nature, tricky - many times even controlled detonations do not go as planned. You can predict basics for an explosive reaction, but there are so many variables in the equation that things do not always work the way you want or expect. In uncontrolled demo situations, those variables are multiplied, sometimes a small explosive generates more (or less) yield than anticipated due to things around it or the way the explosion is generated.
  5. RB

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    The ability to make decisions changing screening procedures likely are well above your pay grade but that doesn't change the fact that as a person you must consider what you are doing to people in this country, things I believe are unjust and unnecessary.
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    What a convenient cop-out.
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    I think Boggie Dog opined in the comments of the propaganda piece about TSA groping that there is far more danger to aircraft from poor maintenance and other factors that have nothing to do with TSA than from a terrorist attempt. Pardon me if I paraphrased incorrectly. Both American and Southwest have been busted recently for falsifying maintenance records.

    Anyway, instead of subsidizing airlines with $4 billion a year in free security, wouldn't the money be better spent on aircraft inspection?
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    I also 'opined' to that effect.

    Doesn't matter. You already know the reaction of the sheeple.
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    yikes. I didn't know that. they figure prominently on some routes I used to take. all embraers, or just this particular model...
  10. Caradoc

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    Much like "I'm just [doing my job|following orders]."
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    For which everytime Ive shot back with " yeah that hasant been a valid defense since before the Nuremburg trials of NAZI officials" and " what makes you think it is now". Hate to invoke Godwin but sure as heck puts the sheep in a "deer in headlight look" and gets the point across very bluntly.
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  12. Caradoc

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    No other method works for TSA employees. Subtlety is not their forte.

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