Border official points gun at Boy Scout

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    Border official points gun at Boy Scout

    A central Iowa Boy Scout troop just returned from a three-week trip they will likely never forget. About 10 days into the trip, an innocent action by one of the nearly two dozen Scouts at the Canadian border into Alaska ...

    Fox said one of the Scouts took a picture of a border official, which spurred agents to detain everyone in that van and search them and their belongings.

    “The agent immediately confiscated his camera, informed him he would be arrested, fined possibly $10,000 and 10 years in prison,” Fox said. Fox said he was told it is a federal offense to take a picture of a federal agent. Not wanting things to escalate, Fox said he did not complain.

    Another of the Scouts was taking luggage from the top of a van to be searched when something startling happened. “He hears a snap of a holster, turns around, and here’s this agent, both hands on a loaded pistol, pointing at the young man’s head,” Fox explained.
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    Fox said he was told it is a federal offense to take a picture of a federal agent.

    Utter nonsense!

    What should be illegal is for federal agents to deliberately lie and misrepresent the law, especially at the point of a gun.
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    Troop leader: Border agent held Boy Scout at gunpoint

    As their vans were moving through a checkpoint into the United States, one of the scouts snapped a photograph. Agents stopped the van and ordered all the passengers to get out. They told the underage photographer that he had committed a federal crime. It was unclear which agency with the Department of Homeland Security's CBP agency was involved in the incident. “The agent immediately confiscated his camera, informed him he would be arrested, fined possibly $10,000 and ten years in prison,” Fox told Des Moines television station KCCI. During the search, one of the scouts tried to retrieve a bag ...

    The scoutmaster wrote a detailed account of the incident on his Facebook page. He said he tried to watch the agents search the van but was ordered to return to his vehicle. An agent followed him and told the youngsters “that the next one to leave the van would be handcuffed and detained.”

    Fox said he and another member of the troop were interrogated by agents – forced to answer questions about their background.

    As U.S. citizens, you have a right to return to your own country. You don't have to give these thugs the time of day.

    They also wanted to know why the Boy Scouts were hauling “excessive amounts of lighters, matches and knives,” Fox said. After a lengthy delay, the Scouts were released without any charges being filed.

    U.S. Customs and Border Protection said they’ve had a chance to investigate – and they can’t find anything out of the ordinary.

    Nothing out of the ordinary? What planet are these idiots on?

    I also asked for a copy of the statute that criminalizes Photography 101. I’ve yet to receive a reply.

    There isn't one. Photography in a public place is protected by the first amendment.

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    Very good follow-up ...

    Exclusive: Leader of Scout Troop Confronted by Armed Border Patrol Speaks Out

    July 30, 2014

    At the check point, one of the boys took a picture of the border agent and “threw the agent into a frenzy.” According to Fox, the agent immediately confiscated the camera, told the boy that he could be subjected to 10 years of prison or a $10,000 fine. The boys and driver were escorted inside the border patrol station. “The border agent tried to bait me. He wanted to get a reaction out of me and I did not give it to him,” said Fox. The border agent didn’t want Fox to follow him while he searched the van because ...

    One of the agents asked to see one of the bags of the scouts. One scout knew where the bag was and tried to get the bag to assist the agent. That’s when Fox said an agent had a loaded pistol pointed at the boy. Fox said that the boy thought the agent was going to shoot him and got back into the van. “They were sitting there scared to death,” said Fox.

    Fox said that they have experienced this type of intimidation before with the TSA in Orlando, F.L. In the Orlando one of the eagle scouts accidentally dropped his boots after going through a full search. One of the officers said, “..if that boy doesn’t calm down I will arrest him and remove him from this airport.” Fox asked the officer, “what did the boy do?” “He dropped his boots in a threatening manner, said the officer.”

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