Boston Magazine: Air Travel Will Now Be Slightly Less Humiliating

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    Boston Magazine: Air Travel Will Now Be Slightly Less Humiliating

    One thing you’ll never never hear a Logan TSA employee ask you is “How’s it hanging?” After you’ve been through the body scanner, they know exactly how it’s hanging.

    A few years ago, everyone got their completely visible panties in a bunch about new security technology that visualizes travelers naked while they stand with their legs slightly splayed, hands above their head forming a diamond, and basically looking like they might start flash-dancing at any moment.


    The Globe says they make us all look like Gumby. I have to applaud this decision. There are few things in the world that are less threatening and less sexual than a green, vaguely human looking blob with no genitalia and an talking, orange horsey friend named Pokey.

    Aren't they still purchasing backscatter machines?

    Which don't support "Gumby" ...
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    ...except for us opt-outs!
  3. I don't know. Is a nudie picture really the most humiliating part? Standing in line to be processed like livestock, then holding your hands up like a criminal, all the while wondering if you're going to get a false positive (maybe even a randomized one) and will be groped by someone you can safely assume has criminal tendencies? Frankly, it's the process more than the product that I find offensive, distasteful, and un-American.

    And that's not even to mention the fact that a nudie picture is still produced, it's just not displayed. What happens to it? We should still be asking that question.
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    Agreed on all counts. At first it was all about the nude image. Then it was all about the unjustifiable and inexcusable (again, under all circumstances, even in the face of guaranteed imminent terrorist strikes) use of sexual assault as a form of coercion to strongarm travelers into accepting the nude image. Somewhere along the line people have woken up to the intolerable nature of the entire charade.

    Remember when scope-n-grope was first introduced? There were reports of TSA clerks-not-officers-not-agents feeling distressed and traumatized by having to perform the gropings, in addition to travelers receiving them. Have we heard much of that lately? I suspect that all those clerks-not-officers-not-agents who actually had a shred of humanity remaining within them have since let that humanity guide them and left the agency. All that's left now are the psychopaths who enjoy it or the imbeciles who don't have the cognitive capacity to grasp the implications of what they're doing.

    As I mentioned in another thread, this is completely independent of the fact that some of them seem nice at the checkpoints. Psychopathy is commonly marked by a quality of personability, expertly rehearsed and refined so as to be disarming. The fact that some of them are good at being polite or friendly doesn't change the fact that they're willing to get out of bed every morning and perform a job whose official regulations require them, as part of their standard job duties, to sexually violate airline passengers who are guilty of no crime, and to do so without probable cause. No amount of friendliness in the world can change, or compensate for, that simple fact.
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