Boston Marathon Bombed

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    the way the news reports came out, they made it sound as if the two perps had armloads of AR15 and it was a military firefight out in the street. Now, pictures of the shootout show only ONE guy who had a gun firing at the cops, and that was a handgun. The other was unarmed. Clearly, the cops were out of control and it was a miracle that the hundreds of rounds they expended WILDLY did not hurt anyone. This is what you get from mixing low IQs, powerful weaponry, a sense of entitlement and privilege, being above the law, and an overabundance of testosterone and steroids.

    Now it's coming out that these same jerkoffs fired into that boat where the surviving perp was hiding, without provocation, and with the young man inside totally unarmed.

    What courage! Mean and vindictive Barney Fifes.
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    Barney Fife was a bumbling saint by comparison. :)
  4. Infowars is reporting massive gun sweeps in Oakland conducted by FBI and CHP. Several streets barricaded and parts of town shut down for more than an hour. They're apparently serving warrants for drug and weapons charges with helicopters and armored vehicles. It worked in Boston, so lets go ahead and do it in Oakland.

    I used to hang out with a friend in Oakland. It had certain ghetto qualities, but it was a fun place eight years ago. How things change. :(

    A random thought -- I wonder what these people in Watertown were told to do with their dogs as the gestapo was marching up their steps, barking orders and aiming guns at them.
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    keep in mind that alex jones can be (or is) a rabble rousing liar and exaggerator at times. They're serving search and arrest warrants on a very dangerous gang in a very dangerous part of town. I don't envy them that job. There is no indication YET that anything untoward or remotely like what happened in Boston is occurring in Oakland.
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  6. Agreed. I meant to add such a caveat to my post.
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    I know. I don't know why I added that. We all know that. Still, although at times a buffoon, Alex is *our* buffoon. Personally, I would not sell him a life insurance policy. I imagine he's annoyed a lot of the wrong people.
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    It is to late now to change things but DHS had numerous data points that should have alerted the intelligence network that these two brothers were potential bad actors. All of DHS failed to act before the bombs went off. Nappy as head of DHS should be held accountable.

    The way I see it is that DHS is focused on the wrong things. Number 1 is how DHS treats people who are doing nothing but going about their business traveling by airplane where we are electronically stripped search or felt up without cause. The threat is mostly from new arrivials to the U.S., legal or illegal, and that is where the effort should be placed.
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    Agree. In these times, we should not be allowing immigration from places like Chechnya at all. Our empire now extends to Chaostan, so of course we allow immigration from there and import more problems.
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    They arrived requesting asylum.

    I believe there are international standards that must be met to reject asylum-seekers, so a blanket disapproval of any immigration from Chechnya isn't really an option.
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    And that was the whole point for creating this monster in the first place, no?

    It seems to me that we are actually less safe now that we have a DHS.

    Someone tell me again why it shouldn't be dismantled, part and parcel?

    In spite of robust screening, tracking, wiretapping and surveillance of all kinds, Americans tend to be at greater risk of terrorist attack within their own borders than before DHS and its daughter agencies existed. Perhaps it's time that someone start asking the hard questions, and instead of demanding more of the same we start asking why more of the same isn't working and return to how things are supposed to be in this country.

    I'd really like to have America back, tyvm.
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    So basically, this incident shows that nothing has changed, in effect, even after the ramp-up to a police state. They're reading our emails, listening to our telephone conversations, analyzing our financial transactions and movments, surveilling us out on the streets, and generating petabytes of useless lists and data that nobody can make sense of. the only reason they caught the two perps is that the two goobers were stupid. Which again points out that they must have had lots of help in getting the bombs together.
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    It's too early to reach that conclusion. They're suspected of getting the explosives from fireworks. If their elevators had run a few floors higher, they might just have stopped in at a reloading supply store & bought a pound of black powder (the real McCoy, not Pyrodex).

    Black powder, nails & ball bearings aren't that hard to find.

    Still waiting to hear how they detonated them.
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    Billions of dollars down the rat hole.

    Thousands literally raped at the hands of government employees.

    And for what?
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    ^^^ DHS Fail.
    Rather than empire-building for the Stasi-state, and petty enforcement on BS targets, attend to the legit threats.
    ^ ^>3[/quote]
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    True, true, true, and BINGO. that's the part they had to have had help with. detonation. I don't think their elevators went up to that particular floor.
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    1) How much is an illegal, warrantless search worth? Here's an example -- $120,000 all in -- from today's CATO feed ...

    The lawsuit says officers twisted Letona’s arm behind her back, pushed her and handcuffed her and put her in the back of a hot police car after she tried to stop officers from entering the garage. The lawsuit says at one point one officer drew his gun and threatened to shoot the family’s dogs, which were in the garage, if family members did not secure them. After the officers left, Letona was taken by ambulance to the hospital for a severe anxiety attack.​

    Next question ...

    2) How many homes are in a 20 block area?

    In Minneapolis, that would be about 500. Not sure about Boston & Watertown.

    Last question ,,,

    3) What's the potential cost of a few lawsuits?

    Based on this example & info, about $60,000,000, plus the costs of all the attorneys to represent the governments' bad actors.

    Let's put the lawyers to work!
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    I'll be honest. If I lived in Watertown and police came to my door during the search for this guy I probably would have allowed them in. But not with them pointing a weapon at me nor do I think I would have left the building on my own initiative. Given the circumstances I would have cooperated but not if police were using threats to gain access.

    Some slip and fall lawyers need to be going door to door and create one large group of people taking legal action against this town.
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    Thermal video looked like he had a rifle at one point, but hands empty getting out. All the video is edited. No video for the actual custody taking, although all sorts of recording was going on. :rolleyes:
    Bad info and changing stories galore, but note the police quiet in the last couple of days since the arrest team PR blitz, a failed effort to get ahead of the public raising more and more questions about their actions.

    Now the FBI is controlling the boat site 100% and won't give the police a clue as to when they'll be done. Let's hope they unravel the police BS, as they affected the Federal charges and nearly killed the surrendered and high-value #2... "but at the length truth will out."
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    Agree. I think where they were smart was in keeping their mouths shut as they were building their bombs.
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