Boston Marathon Bombed

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    I read a comment about #1's photo just after it came out that said the discoloration was consistent with how blood pools after being run over, but lacks other obvious track/crush marks. Worse, recent reports--I think Mike's Drudge story--report him being dragged 30 feet. ?

    I'm puzzling over #2. Phoebepontiac, help me with this:

    Assuming this is not a photo of him getting into the boat...

    I keep coming back to this picture, trying to understand how exactly he was taken into custody, how he made it into the ambulance, his reported injuries, what I heard on the scanner about the story not squaring up, etc.
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    The tarp on this boat looks to be quite torn, the tarp on the boat he was found in does not look to be torn. The person in this picture seems to be getting in on the starboard side of a boat; the Watertown boat was entered on the port side.
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    I can't tell for sure but the angles suggest to me the left side of the boat. The lighting suggest after sun down so I think he may be getting out. I don't know his physical condition at arrest but he may have been able to get off the boat. In after action pictures the boat cover was torn like shown in this picture. I wasn't there so I don't know but it may be exactly as shown and reported.
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    Like this?:
    I was joking about him getting into the boat.
    He reportedly "may have attempted suicide" re: the shot to his throat. He was reported Saturday night as "clinging to life." All of his injuries were sustained before he climbs out--er, is scooped out of the bottom of the boat???

    It was really great to take him alive. Too bad there is no video after the frame of him getting out.
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    I don't know what happened but I do know that the more people who know something the harder it becomes to keep a secret. To many people witnessed the events in Boston.

    I think in this case things may be exactly as they appear. The guy was severely wounded but still able to climb out of the boat. The reports of him running over his brother have been widely reported and also that the dead brother had wounds from head to toe, some I suspect were from the earlier shoot out. I suggest that these reports are mostly true.

    I personally don't think the planning for this attack was carried out by just these two brothers. I think the FBI is looking for others involved.

    Lastly, and just my opinion, is that we have people in this country, some naturalized, some not, that are not supportive of our country. I am anti-illegal immigration/forgiveness and I think we need to know who is in country illegally or have overstayed visa's. Peoples from areas of the world that are in opposition to our way of life need to be carefully reviewed before entry and monitored to some degree after entry. Illegals should be ejected and never permitted entry or citizenship. Harsh perhaps, but my opinion none the less.
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    Then just release the video of the take down.

    How can a suicide attempt be new information 24 hrs after the arrest? The story keeps changing. Like Benghazi, why can't we just get a story without BS?
    If checks weren't done on over-stays after 9/11, when would they be? Many people treat the US as an economic mining operation, nothing more. Don't like it, don't think it should be encouraged.
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  8. nachtnebel

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    the scary thing is that those morons vote, and there are a lot of them.

    we're doomed.
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    Many wear TSA uniforms.
  10. Mike

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    If you read between the lines, the "12-man sleeper cell" is mere speculation. They haven't actually questioned him yet.

    The apparent sophistication of the detonator does suggest some assistance.

    From Drudge ...

    UK Mirror: Boston bombers: FBI hunting 12-strong terrorist “sleeper cell” linked to brothers Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev: Police believe the pair were specially trained to carry out the devastating attack

    The FBI was last night hunting a 12-strong terrorist “sleeper cell” linked to the Boston marathon bomb brothers.
    Police believe Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev were specially trained to carry out the devastating attack.
    More than 1,000 FBI operatives were last night working to track down the cell and arrested a man and two women 60 miles from Boston in the hours before Dzhokhar’s dramatic capture after a bloody shootout on Friday.
    A source close to the investigation said: “We have no doubt the brothers were not acting alone. The devices used to detonate the two bombs were highly sophisticated and not the kind of thing people learn from Google.
    “They were too advanced. Someone gave the brothers the skills and it is now our job to find out just who they were. Agents think the sleeper cell has up to a dozen members and has been waiting several years for their day to come.”
  11. Mike

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    Why is it that we seem to get our best coverage from British papers online?

    Once again via that "untrustworthy" :D Drudge ...

    UK Daily Mail: Caught just in time: 'Bombers were about to plant MORE devices but plot was spoiled by release of CCTV photos'
    • The Boston bombers were reportedly planning more attacks across the city
    • However, the released of the photographs of the suspects 'forced them out of their hideout'
    • Footage released on Saturday shows Dzhokhar Tsranaev laying flat under a tarp in a boat. Police used a robot to pull the tarp off the boat
    • Police tracked him with thermal imaging cameras and engaged him in a furious exchange of gun-fire that began shortly after 7pm
    • Stand-off continued until 8:45pm when Tsarnaev surrendered
    • Dzhokhar has been hospitalized at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. He is 'intubated and sedated' and cannot yet speak
    • Tamerlan Tsarnaev had injuries from head to toe and all limbs intact when he arrived at the hospital. He died early on Friday
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    yes. our state run media sux.
    but they are in error on one point. The cameras didn't TRACK him. A citizen found him, and once found, the cameras were used to locate him inside the boat.
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    So a self claimed muslim extremist is hospitalized in a hospital with Methodist and Jewish roots.

    How fitting.
  14. I've also noticed the media is desperately combing social media, the internet, and these guys' acquaintances for dirt, evidence that they can use to paint these guys as evil lunatics, and they're coming up with nothing, really. Tamerlan has made comments about how he doesn't relate to Americans and that there aren't any morals anymore. So what? I don't exactly disagree with him. Dzhokhar was a little weird at a party once, spread string cheese all over the couch, picked up the cat and carried it upstairs. So? What college boy hasn't done something antisocial like that once or twice? It's "chilling" that Dzhokhar just went about his business the day after the bombing, seemed calm to everybody, tweeted as normal. Chilling, or is it contradictory? He also once tweeted something about after ten years in America, he wants out. Really? That's noteworthy? Honestly, I kind of want out of America these days, too. Tamerlan had a "powerful" vibe about him -- so? So do a bunch of guys I see working out regularly at the gym, like he did. The media jump on any instance of someone calling these guys "losers", and yet they don't seem like losers to me -- Tamerlan was a talented, disciplined boxer, apparently with a lot of athletic potential. Everything I see about Dzhokhar paints the picture of your average, slackerish college boy. He even had a sweet new Camero, about which he was posting teenage love tweets just a month ago (this from zerohedge -- I haven't seen it anywhere else). Where he got the money for it is a fair question to ask, but the media only ever talked about them driving a CRV as far as I know. And then there's this girl with the "Terrorista" license plate, a plate that also says "UMASS DARTMOUTH". I'm sure other people have this plate, and that it's some kind of college motto thing. They're probably still for sale at the UMass bookstore. Why is the internet abuzz about that? It's irony, not evidence.

    I've got nothing on that photo, Kat. I keep hoping I'll wake up tomorrow and somebody will have put this stuff together in a coherent narrative that makes sense of all the contradictions. Again, I'm not on the infowars military contractor bandwagon. I'm leery of whatever Glenn Beck claims to have on the Saudi national. I really hope to see convincing evidence that they were the grossly evil losers who would do something so horrific. I also hope to soon see a convincing tale of the larger plot that these boys were wrapped up in. But as it stands now, their motive is fuzzy, especially Dzhokhar's, and the media is doing their best to ignore this fact and instead spin anything they can find to get these guys quickly convicted in the court of public opinion.
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    Only if you consider that being able to hold a soldering iron is an "unusual talent" for the average American according to these government morons.

    (I suspect that anyone with a ham radio license is going on some government list along with SEALs, Rangers, Force Recon and Green Berets)
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    This is the most interesting factoid of all and I take it on its face, unlike the latest nonsense regarding #2's injuries:
    Again, thanks to the UK press.
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    It is. If my handiwork work were on those boards, there'd be news releases/You Tube videos of FBI analysts rolling on the floor in laughter at the horrendous soldering job.
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    It appears the older Tsarnaev may have been run down by police and shot full of holes after having been run down. If true, the police actions and subsequent cover-up constitute still another disgrace to their profession.

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    I still want an explanation for all the bullets shot through houses, in one case a bullet coming through a 3rd floor wall, going through a desk chair and ending up in the wall:

    This from a young man who was reporting on NBC.
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    Police ran wild in Boston, acting like total goons. We're darned lucky there weren't more civilian casualties. No doubt about it, the Bill of Rights was DOA, thanks to the mayor's extremely poor judgment. I hope that (expletive deleted) gets flushed in the next election.

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