Boston Marathon Bombed

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    Sure they did. The people collared at gunpoint in the video are featherless bipeds, and Dzhokhar is a featherless biped.
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  2. Yeah, I think it's reporters with no knowledge of the region. A trip to "mainland" Russia's no big, a trip to Dagestan might be worth scrutiny.
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    I don't think the area is quite the issue but the tactics. If the dog alerts to the cellar, etc., that's what needs to be checked-- not the livingroom full of housemates. The residents are being treated like potential hostiles--- like this is some house-to-house mission in Iraq.

    The excuse on the boat changed from 'we checked earlier', (which made sense to me), to 'it was outside the perimeter.' But the original calls were not two blocks away. They were checking on all sides, and actively deployed to the south, so the perimeter story doesn't really hold water either. The changing stories are the tipoff anyway.

    Were they so hopped-up to be playing urban warfare, they lost sight of the (non-)threat of an very occupied home vs a backyard? Incredible.
  4. Caradoc

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    Nor did the blonde news anchor they stopped and searched.

    Their goal was obviously punitive, not investigatory.
  5. This article I found is a brief history of Chechnya and its conflicts with Russia and the USSR, which date back more than a century. I thought it was an excellent primer on the region, and the author makes a case as to why the Brothers Tsarnaev's beef with the US might actually be rooted in Chechen sympathies. The article doesn't convince me of that, but I glad to read more about Chechnya, which I only understood vaguely before. (Long story short, it's all about oil.)
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    That's exactly what this was. Acting like an occupying and hostile force. Pointing weapons and men, women, and children in their own homes.
    Intolerable. Intolerable in a free country.

    This picture says it's you against us. Is that a point you really want to make?
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    One point made on the news during the search on Friday was that many of those involved had seen duty in Iraq and Afghanistan and for them this search was similar to being back in the war zone.
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    By Davy V.

    They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

    If that's true, then this video is PRICELESS.

    Watch as Boston Police illegally search people's homes.

    Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution be damned.

    Click Play to watch video

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    Don't see too much about this online. Comments open here:
    Hopefully there will be a few critical thinkers writing up the Case Studies on this one, not just DHS acolytes.

    With the carjacking etc it's not too outlandish to think a resident could be sheltering an uninvited guest against their will---but it is not the most likely event, and not the first place to look, inside a resident-occupied home.

    Getting middle class Watertown/Boston to go along with being treated like this is hardly a victory for the good guys.
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  11. nachtnebel

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    brilliant! you need pressure cookers for canning foods...

    they need to pull nails and ball bearings off the market too. baseball caps, and Mercedes SUVs.
    Not to mention boats.
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  12. Mike

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    Except for the See-Something-Say-Something cap, which will dial 9-1-1 if it's worn backwards.
  13. Really, it's time to take cars off the market. Isn't it? They're totally dangerous, whether you turn them into a bomb or just try to drive one and answer your cell phone. Out of an abundance of caution, we really need to rethink cars.
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    So now it seems that the Boston bombers managed to do their deeds simply because Big Sis and her cohorts can't be arsed to tell any other agencies about what they're doing, and are too incompetent to do anything about the information themselves.
  15. But right after the section you quoted, there is this:

    The system pinged? What does that mean, exactly, and why didn't anybody do anything about the ping? Does this mean they did know, or they didn't know? The redundancy would be his (duh) passport, no? Why all the excuses about a misspelled name? That cannot be a real problem, since going to Russia means a name is likely to be transliterated into Cyrillic letters somewhere in the system. The system would have to know how to deal with the vagaries of non-English names. If it can really be tripped up by a simple misspelling, I want my money back.

    There should be a congressional investigation over this.
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  16. RB

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    They either knew or should have known but as typical DHS failed again. Now you will see the blame shifting going into full throttle.
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  17. Indeed. And yet, I can't bring a bottle of water to the airport, and I might have to let some low-rent fishwife stick her hands in my pants and rub my (expletive deleted) while her male colleagues watch and think about masturbating later if I want to get on the plane.
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    you've insulted fishwives everywhere. they are not committing criminal acts like the TSA jerks.
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    Fishwife - Merriam-Webster Online
    a woman who sells fish. 2. : a vulgar abusive woman. See fishwife defined for English-language learners ». Origin of FISHWIFE. Middle English. First Known ...

    Definition two I'm guessing.:p
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    Based on what I've seen and heard, no the system can only recognize Romanized (aka Arabic, oh the irony!) letters and numbers. These picture languages are not identifiable in these systems.

    The panty bomber got through The System due to a misspelling, and obviously this guy did, too. Really, it's quite simple. The fastest, easiest, and most fool-proof way to avoid the NFL is to correctly spell your name where it will show up on the ticket and match your ID, and misspell it by even 1 letter in the (in)SecureFlight section. There is no possible way for the 2 fields to be cross referenced, and TSA/DHS will miss it.

    Napolitano is lying. The system didn't "ping". There was no "ping" and they had no clue who/where/what this guy was.

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